Why Do We Wish Away Time?

Paper Mill Studios London Immy May

I have noticed summin’ during my adult life. More specifically, during my few years working dat crazy 9 *8 -5 life.

The world of Monday blues, ‘hump day’ (Wednesday) and TGIF (thank god it’s Friday). Before this, no day of the week was of any more or less value than the other. Evenings out were on a Wednesday, work was on a Saturday. I was never hatin’ on a particular day, or wished for my week to fly by.

Everybody loves and needs bits ‘n’ bobs to look forward to. A gig, cocktails with ya gal pals, adventures in a new corner of the world, a lazy morning chuckling in bed with ya loved one. It’s good for the soul. But these moments usually only take place over the weekend, why do we confine them to two days out of seven? Why are Mondays blue? When did Friday become so much better than the rest?

Paper Mill Studios Immy May

At the start of the year I vowed never to wish for Friday. My goal was to find adventure on weekdays. Plan the fun stuff for week nights, mornings and lunch hours. Embrace and squeeze all the spontaneous moments from each and erry day.

Where I werk, this kinda ‘TGIF’ mantra is all over the shop (office). It drives the week forward, then all of a sudden it’s Friday once more. A kinnnda sad thought, ey? A thought that I am ready to kick in the bottom and ban from ma life forever.

In reality, and ‘coz of the way the world works, we are almost limited to this set up. But I guess it doesn’t really have to be that way. If you work ya lil peach of a booty off and keep the focus, you can achieve whatever schedule you fancy. You can create your own tailored reality.

Paper Mill Studios Immy May

Sorry for the brain dump, y’know when somethings just on ya mind and ya wanna have a chinwag about it?  I think I have done alright so far in 2K17. I tried my best not to label any particular day, enjoy Tuesday as much as Saturday. And y’know try not to scream TGIFFFFFFFFF from the roof tops at the end of every week. >:)

What do you think? Do ya find yourself doing this too?


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  • Hayley Rubery

    Girl I completely hear you! I read a quote once and it said ‘we wait all week for Friday and all year for Summer’ – it’s so true, I feel like everyone is always waiting for the next best thing when we need to enjoy and cherish right now. I try to make Mondays a positive, uplifting day rather than mehhh here’s Monday again! I’m with you on this sista <3

    Hayley xo

    • Yes! I did the calcs and if we wished each week away, we would waste 261 days looking forward to 104 each year! Lol, so depressing haha! It is so important to cherish each moment! Yes such a lovely idea, I wanna look forward to Monday! Immy x

  • Ohh interesting thought Immy, I never like to wish away time but it’s hard not to get excited for Fridays and the weekend. We naturally associate it with not working and having fun! Saying that since I’ve been working from home, I don’t waste or dislike any particular day. Mondays aren’t so bad anymore and like you said, we have to make fun plans any day of the week!

    LOVE your outfit and that pretty backdrop <3

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • It really is, I always associate it with being excited and looking forward to plans / a nice long lay in! I just suddenly realised the weeks were passing me by so quickly and I wasn’t making the most of it all. Ah that is interesting! I LOVE the idea of working from home, I hope one day it might be possible. I feel like I would be a little bit of structure, but it is nice to have the freedom too. Oooh thank you chick, my new favourite London wall haha! Immy x

  • Julia Day

    This is so true! I’m guilty of looking forward to Friday and also spending Sunday dreading the next day – that’s half my weekend wasted thinking about another day! I try to think of work as only nine hours out of my day, and if I have seven hours sleep, there are still eight hours I need to make the most of!

    Julia x

    • Yessss I am so guilty of it, almost like I can’t help it haha! That’s also true, the second half of Sunday always seems to have that weird, slightly uneasy feeling with the knowledge that tomorrow is Monday! Exactly, that is a great way to look at it – there is so much you can do with your time, especially as it is getting lighter in the evenings now, phew! Immy x

  • Laura Torninoja

    I definitely find myself doing this all the time! It’s so difficult to stop, but I do try my best – it’s actually a really good New Year’s resolution to have! I think it’s good to try and plan stuff for the weekdays as well, like dinners or just going out to a friend’s house to catch up. Hopefully it’ll get a lot easier as the days grow longer – I can’t wait for when it’s warm enough to just go to the park after work! Fingers crossed those days won’t be too far away now :) xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • It is really, really difficult to stop! It is just such a natural thing that has been with us for so long! I thought so, it has definitely made me more conscious of time! Exactly, just makes me feel much happier – even just tea at a pals house is lovely! I am SO excited for that too! Will be absolute bliss :) Immy x

  • Alya Mooro

    Love this babe! So true!!

    Alya / moorizzla xx

    • SO bloody true! Hope you are well lovely lass. Immy x

  • I totally feel you! I used to have it better when I didn’t travel for work but now being away during the week means it’s hard to book anything in. I can’t wait until I stop travelling!

    • Yesss I gettchaaa on this one! I have the same problem, that damn commute makes it so much worse! I would LOVE not to travel in and work from home, a gal can dream ey? Immy x

  • I think so many people are guilty of doing this and I’m the same. I always tell myself I need to live in the moment more and stop wishing my life away. I think I’m getting much better at it but more work needs to be done! x


    • I am defffinitely the same! I give myself a lil slap on the wrist everytime I say it at work haha, it is just so natural lol. I feel the same, and I think that being more conscious of it is all that matters :) Immy x

  • Ellie Adams

    I blimmin love this Immy, I am so guilty of wishing away time and then I realise that it just flies by too quickly! Learning to enjoy the every day!


    • Ooh thank you my love. I wasn’t sure what people think as we are just all so used to that way of thinking. I am too, I find myself happy that the week has zoomed past! I am doing my best to make the most out of each day! Thanks for stopping by chick :) Immy x

  • Meredith

    I love this! Why do we wish for time to fly by?! I’m going to work hard to not fall into that cycle each week =)


    • I know, it’s weird isn’t it!? I was comparing it to my time in Thailand where I just wanted time to pass SO SLOWLY. But surely I should want that to be the case all the time? Why do I want life to pass by me quickly? Getting deep here lol. Immy x

  • I love this! I think that making weekdays, not just Fridays, fun is such a positive thing!


    • Yes I absolutely think that too, it so nice to finish a week feeling like you have had fun / seen your pals! I have been trying to say yes more to plans in the week – it can be so easy just to turn them down after a day at work! Immy x

  • you look amazing love the photos!

    The Fashion Matters– Travel & Fashion Blog

    • Ah thank you lovely lass! SO in love with the pastel wall haha! Immy x

  • I think this mentality follows because of not everybody is as happy at their workplace or their work weeks are too stressful. I love every day of my work week, but sometimes when it gets stressful or full-on I know that it will ease up for the weekend when I can sleep and relax. But I do agree that we should have more fun stuff during the week as well to keep every day interesting and fun! :)


    • Definitely, it is SUCH a natural thing. It is so normal to look forward to the weekend even purely because of lay in reasons haha! I feel like I could definitely embrace week days more, breaking them up so they don’t feel like chores! Definitely, going to plan something new each week for starters :) Thank you for stopping by chicks. Immy x

  • I’m pretty much the opposite at the moment, wishing for more days in the week so I can get my work done! Can’t believe it’s nearly Easter holy crap. Time flies by as it is, we should enjoy every day :) (ha, that’s way too optimistic..) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • Ah I bet Lucy, you seem SO bloomin’ busy at the moment! I know?! This year is just flying by, gotta squeeze the most out of it! Gotta love some optimism lol! Immy x

  • This post is so kick ass! And so damn true. I absolutely LOVE this idea, it’s such a cracking new years resolution. I’m gonna try and think like you more from now on and be in the moment and enjoy the weekdays. I’m all over mid week fun as well, I usually conserve all my energy for Fri-Sun but I’m gonna make more effort to plan little mid week excitement! ♥

    katie xx lacoconoire.com

    • Ayy thanks chick and massive thanks for the shout out on Twits too >:) Hehe I thought so, it is definitely one to keep in mind. I am definitely still guilty of doing it, even subconsciously! Yes even just a lil Wednesday night jolly >:) Immy x

  • This is so accurate! Every day needs to be celebrated. It’s so easy to see everything as a means to an end (committing, exercising, eating, showering lol). If we treat everything as an end itself, everything is so much more fun!


    • Ooh my wooorrd what a comment! You are SO right, that is such a interesting way to look at things and so completely true. Just need to be in and enjoy the moment as it is, whatever you might be doing. This is turning into an interesting study haha! Immy x

  • Love this Immy! It’s so true :) I can hardly talk at the moment but when I was working 9-6 planning things in the week made it all so much more enjoyable xxx

    • Thank you so much Frances :) I bet, so so nice just to live everyday as it comes – I am green with envy lol! Definitely agree :) Thank you for stopping by chicks. Immy x

  • I’m so with you!! I try so hard not too! I work Tuesday to Saturday (I own a cafe so don’t work normal office life days anymore – that was a former life)… It’s not a good way to live, though I do love weekends. But saying that I do love the simplicity and ease of week days, work life, cosy home life… you are so right with this post though – lots to learn from!
    Holly xxx /// BLOG: http://www.mrshollycrocker.com
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  • Sea + Terra

    So true. I feel like I spent most of my early 20s just wishing away time. Now that i’m in my late 20s, I wish I had been more thankful for those days and used my time wisely instead of wishing for time to hurry up. Even during the best times of my life, I was still wishing away time. (& love the photos btw!)

  • Yessica Maria Tauta

    I am sooooo guilty of this! I am always wishing away my weeks – wanting the weekend. it’s a vicious cycle! Which is why i’m trying to tick as many things of my bucket list as possible!!

    check out my new blog: ymtauta.com


    • Yes a bucket list is such a good idea Yessica! I made a mini one for 2017 and focus on ticking each one off, it has pushed me so much which is amazing! Thank you for reading :) Immy x

  • How have I only just discovered your blog?!

    This is SO me and this post has actually really helped me.
    I always feel so guilty if I let myself do things during the week, telling myself that I’ll be tired the next day, it’s unhealthy to eat out or drink, or that I’m spending so much money! This mindset means I do nothing during the week and end up feeling so bored and wishing away the days until the weekend.

    This post has really inspired me to treat everyday like it’s special and an opportunity to do something fun! xxxx