Why Do We Wish Away Time?

Paper Mill Studios London Immy May

I have noticed summin’ during my adult life. More specifically, during my few years working dat crazy 9 *8 -5 life.

The world of Monday blues, ‘hump day’ (Wednesday) and TGIF (thank god it’s Friday). Before this, no day of the week was of any more or less value than the other. Evenings out were on a Wednesday, work was on a Saturday. I was never hatin’ on a particular day, or wished for my week to fly by.

Everybody loves and needs bits ‘n’ bobs to look forward to. A gig, cocktails with ya gal pals, adventures in a new corner of the world, a lazy morning chuckling in bed with ya loved one. It’s good for the soul. But these moments usually only take place over the weekend, why do we confine them to two days out of seven? Why are Mondays blue? When did Friday become so much better than the rest?

Paper Mill Studios Immy May

At the start of the year I vowed never to wish for Friday. My goal was to find adventure on weekdays. Plan the fun stuff for week nights, mornings and lunch hours. Embrace and squeeze all the spontaneous moments from each and erry day.

Where I werk, this kinda ‘TGIF’ mantra is all over the shop (office). It drives the week forward, then all of a sudden it’s Friday once more. A kinnnda sad thought, ey? A thought that I am ready to kick in the bottom and ban from ma life forever.

In reality, and ‘coz of the way the world works, we are almost limited to this set up. But I guess it doesn’t really have to be that way. If you work ya lil peach of a booty off and keep the focus, you can achieve whatever schedule you fancy. You can create your own tailored reality.

Paper Mill Studios Immy May

Sorry for the brain dump, y’know when somethings just on ya mind and ya wanna have a chinwag about it?  I think I have done alright so far in 2K17. I tried my best not to label any particular day, enjoy Tuesday as much as Saturday. And y’know try not to scream TGIFFFFFFFFF from the roof tops at the end of every week. >:)

What do you think? Do ya find yourself doing this too?


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