Phi Phi Island Boat Trippin’

Phi Phi Island Boat trip, May Bay
So yeah, I finally found the Windows desktop wallpaper! When in Rome (Thailand) ya gotta check out the islands.

They are undoubtedly some of the most B E A utiful places on earth. The kinda places you only ever dream of visiting, the places you see in films (ahem, The Beach) and the places I never thought I would see with my very own eyes. Y’know, just frolicking, chillin’ in the same sea as Leondardo DiCaprio. Say whaaaaat?

We set off early from Ko Lanta with Opal Travel, skimming across the calm morning sea all the way to Ko Phi Phi. First stop, Maya Bay.

Maya Bay Phi Phi Island

THAT water tho. Oh my sweet jeebus, I was completely stunned. I never though sea could actually be that turquoise, I thought most people just upped the saturation but nope #nofilter it was i n s a n e.

We hopped off the boat onto the powdery white sand, dodging between the millions of other tourists. That was the only downside of experience, but I guess it’s a reality that can’t be helped.

There was a lotta posing going on, lots of Instagram boyf action (exhibit A below) but you do have to capture that moment, these are for the grandchildren!

Immy May Maya Thailand

Maya Bay Ko Lanta

And of course, the ultimate postcard snap…

Thailland Maya Bay

We clambered back onto the boats and headed out for a spot of snorkeling. The fish, coral and general snorkeling action out in Thailand is incredible, I did kinda feel like that mean diver off Finding Nemo (I didn’t take any fish) but it was amazing. Amazing until my goggles filled with salt water, damn it.

My next stop was my favourite, Bamboo Island.

Immy May Bamboo Island

Immy May Bamboo Island

If heaven was a place on earth, this would be it. White sandy beach, pale blue sea and a bunch of palm trees for shade. Our lunch of curry and fresh fruit was also here which obviously helped to hehe.

Bamboo Island Immy May

After a few more hours of relaxing, snorkeling and sunbathing (burning), we headed back to our little island of Ko Lanta.

If you are out in Thailand and fancy a little half day adventure to see some propa beauty, I would absolutely recommend looking into a boat trip – you will love it!


Also, I put together a lil 6 min travel vlog of our trip over on my YouTube hehe >:) SO MANY MEMORIES!

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  • These pictures are beyond stunning! Eagerly waiting for more Thailand posts and here’s to those Instagram boyfs! Haha xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

    • Heheee thank you Frances! Yes the poor Insta boyfs of the world lol. >:) Hope you are well mi love! Immy x

  • wow, this post is dreamy!! thanks for sharing.


    • It was such a dreeeam! If I could click my fingers and return to the beach I absolutely would! Thank you for stopping by lovely lass :) Immy x

  • Ahh Immy those photos are gorgeous and island hopping in Thailand hopping is a must! I remember when we first locked eyes on Maya Bay and Kho Phi Phi, my jaw dropped it really is paradise. Makes me want to watch The Beach again!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • Thank you so much Hanh :) They will be so treasured! Ugh it is so incredibly stunning isn’t it?! I was in absolute awe the whole day! Yes that’s a great shout, although I remember it scaring the living day lights out of me haha! Immy x

  • Laura Torninoja

    That looks like the most magical place ever! Ahhhh! I want to be there NOW, please. x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • It was sooo magical, like nowhere I have ever been before! I would LOVE to explore more of S E Asia! Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    This looks so pretty!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Thank you my love! Need to get all of my snaps printed and put into an album, I know I will treasure these pictures in years to come! Immy x

  • Kate

    Wow, what stunning photos! This makes me want a holiday so badly! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Thank you so much Kate :) Trusssssssssst me, same here! I wish I could turn back time a month and live it all over again <3 Immy x

  • I’ve been looking at holidays this morning and I have to say Thailand is looking like the place to go – it just looks so peaceful, stunning and most importantly right now, warm and sunny!!!

    Emma |

    • Yes gal I would absolutely recommend Thailand! The flight is the only semi-expensive part – everything else is super cheap, you will absolutely fall in love. Immy x

  • This looks like a dream! You’re making me find love again for Thailand. I just food poisoning from Pad Thai a few weeks ago so I was scared to even think about Thailand hahaha

    • Ugggggh I know! I just adore it out there! Oh no!??! I got pad thai food poisoning a few years ago and it still worries me to eat it haha! Surprisingly I didn’t come across any food poisoning whilst I was out there thank the lawwwwd! Immy x

  • Sepideh

    Man, those beaches are unreal…!! Thailand is on my list of places to go, it seems breathtaking!

    • They were incredible! <3 I would LOVE to be back there right now… You would absolutely love it, such an incredible experience! Immy x