Ko Lanta, Thailand

Food in Ko Lanta Marina Restaurant Long Beach

Aaaah. To be by the sea, in ma bikini with a spread of beaut Thai food in front of me with my chums. The current situation is looking out the window to a grey, rainy London, having just burnt my tongue on my tea, sucks to be me ey?!

It has taken me a lil bit of time to sort through all my snaps from Thailand. I took around 189239 pictures and we have been reminiscing over them for the past week. We haven’t even unpacked yet. I KNOW, propa nawty lol. I think we are secretly hoping to just, y’know, book another flight and pick up our backpacks and leave again. A gal can dream!

Our holiday to Thailand was a dreeeam. After a week spent in the north, we continued our venture down to the islands with a few pals. I want to show you every snap, but ya would be scrolling for hours, so I will show you my faves.

Ko Lanta is a gem of an island. It hasn’t got the full moon party vibes, the beaches are quiet and there aren’t shops selling elephant print baggy trousers / elephant print errythaaang on each corner.

Ko Lanta Thailand

We slipped into island living pretty quickly. We started to walk a little slower, shaking off that weird London mentality of needing to be first all the bleedin’ time. We took each day at our own pace, remembering to stop and appreciate the beauty around us. It is crazy how many moments we miss because we are too caught up in our own worries, woes, tight schedules, phones and whatever other things we are probably much better without.

Before we jetted off to Thailand I was SO excited to create all the blog content. Shoot a bunch of posts, pull together lists of recommendations, have a sassy lookin’ Instagram feed full of dreamy beaches and ice creams and I couldn’t wait. As soon as I stepped off the plane, all of that didn’t feel so important anymore.

Ko Lanta Thailand

^ The defining moment I realised taking cliche blogger shots on an inflatable doughnut probs wasn’t for me.^

The way of living is so different in Thailand. People are thoughtful, helpful and respectful. The work ethic is unstructured and personal to whatever you find comfortable. Most rise early to work whilst it’s cool, and as the heat of the day gets too much, they retreat back home to chill. There isn’t a sense of urgency, there is a hammock in almost every gaff and people just seem happier.

There’s definitely summin’ we can learn from that.

Ko Lanta Thailand

There were things I missed about home. The lack of mozzies, comfy toilets (hole in the ground struggle was real), a good cuppa T. But all those things aren’t really that important.

What’s important is pushing yourself to experience the unknown, making new friends, taking a risks and trying something completely new. That kinda stuff is what really keeps us alive.

Ko Lanta Jungle Thailand

Monkey Ko Lanta

Sunset Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta Long Beach Thailand

I guess my perspective changed when I was away. I realised I want to do more. Get out into the world and experience, experiment and set challenges for myself. I will talk more about this in another post, I ain’t gonna go all gap yaaaar on ya I promise!

My time in Thailand taught me to step back a bit more. Realise it ain’t all about documenting each moment, it certainly ain’t about Instagram followers and all of that crazy jibber jabber.

Immy May Travel Thailand

Ko Lanta Thailand

Long Beach Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta

Lady boy Thailand

Angel Lanta, Ko Lanta

Cheers Ko Lanta for giving my mind the lil break it needed. And all the Cuba Libres, Mojitos and spring rolls. >:)

If you are off to Thailand soon (SO JELL) or already there (SO BLOODY JEL) then I recommend the following places to stay / things to do / eat / see:

Angel Lanta Bungalows

Supposedly our budget option, but bejeebus these lil bungalows are so caaaute! Obviously it isn’t a 5* hotel situ, but they had everything we needed. Air-con, fridge (life saver), mozzie net, hammock, a hot shower and a two min walk to la playaaa. Sawwwted.

Thai Cat

We ate here on our last night. The palm trees are wrapped in fairy lights, the tables and chairs are on the beach and the fish is freshly caught that day. Each member of staff (there’s a whole army of em) are lovely and we just had the most wonderful evening. Definitely make sure ya check it out!

Rent a moped

Yaaas a littttle riskay, but so worth it as long as you are careful. Ballin’ round the island on a moped is super fun, easy and cheap. Most places rent out mopeds for around £6 a day (!) Just watch your mirrors, wear a helmet and look out for pesky pot holes!

Find the Waterfall

Find the sign for the waterfall and go find it. It is pretty n all that, but the 45 min trek there and back through the jungle was my favourite part. Mostly coz I SAW A MONKEY! So bloody chuffed.

Visit Lanta Old Town

We went on a big ole moped voyage to the other side of the island and found Lanta Old Town. Originally a sea gypsy settlement, it has remained pretty old school. Traditional wooden homes built on stilts, shops and markets all looking out to sea. Beaaaut.

Eat Street Food in Saladan

When in search for grub to eat one night, we grabbed a tuk tuk and headed to Saladan. We found ourselves gobbling ALL the street food we could muster, it was dreamy. Make sure you order a frozen mango mojito from the cocktail stand, top notch.

Saladan Ko Lanta

Uh, Ko Lanta I LOVE U.


If ya fancy seeing more, I have popped a lil travel vlog up on my YouTube <3

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  • These photos look incredible! Beth x

    • Thank you so much B! My faves are the monkeys… I was in shock the whole time haha! Immy x

  • Ko Lanta looks amazing! We went to Koh Samui last summer and loved it! Would love to go back and visit this little gem!


    • Ooo it is the dream. I would love to visit Koh Samui too, I have heard amazing things! So much Thailand, so little timmme / money! Immy x

  • Ah I can almost feel the completely chilled-out vibes from here :) love the picture of you and the donut ahaha! The picture of the sun coming through the trees with all those huts and the one of the clouds at sunset are exquisitely beautiful xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • I love scrolling through the post, instantly chills me out! Looooool such a fail! Oh man I know, that place was so tranquil, the sunsets every night where amaaazing – I don’t think we missed one the whole time we were there! Immy x