February Love List

Immy May Travel Thailand

What. A. Bladdy. Month.

The whole world and his dog probs know by now, but I went to Thailand for two weeks and it was a dream. I have SO much to share with you, so I’m gonna keep it sweet, but I think it is now one of my fave places on earth. I will cherish the memories for a long time and would give my big toe to hop on a plane and go back tonight.

This will be a love list travel edition coz that’s what I have been doing most of the month, except for a week of prep before and a rather blue week back in London after *Kim K cry emoji*. Where da mojitos? Why is it raining? I guess its not all doom and gloom, Spring might be just peeking its pretty lil blossom head round the corner, so fingers crossed for blue skies and sunshine V soon.



Immy May Travel Thailand

We all need a hefty boost of this. Moody, grey skies always get me feeling rubbish. I will fo’sho be investing in a Lumie light very soon, but nothing compares to the real deal. Nothing compares to spending the days soaking up sunshine whilst getting lost in a book, eating breakfast on the beach and watching the sunset every single night. Ugh, bliss.



Sooo the mozzies LOVE me. They can’t get enough of my juicy ankles and toes (TOES?!) It was a bit of a nightmare and hella itchy. Only in the second week did I discover the magic of After Bite and Tiger Balm. Magic I tell ya. If you are off on your travels, make sure you grab some of the stuff. You can pick up After Bite from Boots, or if you are off to Asia, grab Tiger Balm whilst you are out there, cheap as chips!



Immy May travel Thailand

I was all guns blazing before I got on the plane to Thailand. Pumped about how beaut my Insta feed would look and all the content ops etcetcetc. I love sharing my photos, stories and favourite things, but I needed to step away. Recently I have felt a little deflated, unsure and a bit lost. There seems to be a growing realisation that blogging is growing into something a teeny bit daunting. Sharing stories, photos and our favourite things has been horribly dominated by follower counts. This probably deserves its own blog post, I definitely need a bit of a chinwag about the whole thing!

I did take A LOT of snaps, filmed snippets of our adventures and scribbled a few bits in my bullet journal. But I didn’t sit and scroll through Instagram, content wasn’t on my mind every moment and it was so refreshing. I needed to appreciate these highlights of life without a camera, without feeling like a was falling behind because my followers were decreasing. NOPE. Ain’t it funny that a simple number can affect our mood so much? Ugh.


OMGEEEE. Matt and I are off to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in April! To prep, we both read the book whilst in Thailand. It is amazing. Don’t worry about the script layout, you get used to it after a few pages. It has made me SO friggin’ excited.



Adidas gazelles

I have been dreaming about these shoes for a while now. I swooned over them for so long that I finally took the plunge and bagged ’em in time for my holiday. Kinda regret that choice as the beaut black suede is now all dusty and grimey, but I guess it gives them character? Maybe?



I have a new obsession. These babies are SO convenient, easy and sassy. My silver Forever 21 number got me through the Airport woes of rustling through bags to find my passport, BAM there it is, in da bumbag. Everyone needs one.



Food to try in Thailand spring rolls

It has been the month of pad thai, spring rolls and all sorts of other crazy Thai food which I have LOVED. It was tough being a veggie lass out there, but there is definitely enough to go around. Each meal was so fresh, packed full of flavour and SO cheap. Pad thai for £1? Hello.



I was a little bit worried about discovering Thailand via moped at first. You hear nasty stories about accidents but I was so happy I gave it a go (sorry mum). Matt did all the driving, I just gripped on from the back! It was SO much fun, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go exploring in Thailand. We buzzed around the Island so easily, it is breezy and super cheap, which is always a plus.



Immy May Motel Rocks

I did a rather hefty lot of holiday shopping before Thailand. Bikinis, palm print sarongs, comfy lil beach cover ups and the most dreamy new dress. This Motel Rocks baby blue number just seemed like the most perfect holiday dress. It is feminine and beautiful, I can’t wait till I can wear it when summer rolls around.

What have you been lovin’ this month?

March will be a bit of a chilled one (hopefully!) A few birthdays, a gig and maybe a trip down to the Island, it has been far too long!


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