Breakfast at Farmstand, Covent Garden

Breakfast at Farmstand Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of my most treasured spots in London. It just feels so alive. The theatres, Royal Opera House, street performances, cobbled streets, piazza. It is everything magical and nostalgic about London in one.

As well as beautiful historical loveliness there are also a bunch of new foodie spots popping up all over the place. The lovely people at Farmstand invited me over to check out their breaky last Saturday. I grabbed mi gal Fifi and headed over to CG early doors.

Blogger Immy May Covent Garden London

Both sporting our new H&M jeans lol, who do we think we are? They are Dreamy, give ya a peachy bum, comfy and the perfect ‘spring jean‘ if there ever was such a thing.

Immy May Covent Garden

After taking a few snaps in the surprisingly warm morning sunshine, we wandered up to Farmstead for some grub.

Farmstand Covent Garden

Farmstand Covent Garden

The place was adorned with plants, marble table tops (always a winner) and soft teal blue seats. Breakfast was being rustled up before us as we made our choice. They also do lunch and dinner FYI which you can also have delivered, so super handy if you want something nourishing that ain’t Pret. One thing I love is that they are super friendly to the environment, everything is sustainable, which in 2017, everything really should be, ay?

Immy May Farmstand Covent Garden

Immy May Farmstand Covent Garden

Also, all food is totally free from, ain’t that friggin’ amazing?! Delicious food sans gluten, dairy and no genetically modified grub, which is a plus. Read more info here if ya fancy…

Farmstand Covent Garden

Farmstand Covent Garden

I went for the banana bread with coconut yogurt and berries. The banana bread was warm, it was tasty and I am 100% on board with cake for breakfast. Fifi went for quinoa porridge and we both went for a green juice because obvs, healthy blogger cliches n all that. We had almond milk cappuccinos and it was all very lovely indeed.

Farmstand Covent Garden

Farmstand Covent Garden

Farmstand Covent Garden

Farmstand Covent Garden

They also kindly gave us a metal water bottle which saves you from spending money on £1 bottles of water erry day, which ain’t good for the world and ain’t particularly good for you, especially if like me you like to use the same water bottle a few days running. This baby has been by my side ever since! (LOL after writing that sentence, I left my bottle at my yoga class. Plonker ain’t I?)

We strolled off into the sunshine full and content.

Immy May Covent Garden

Have you ever checked out Farmstand before?


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  • I’ve been meaning to try it there because it’s right next to LSE. I have a soft spot for banana bread so it’s now at the top of my list. I also hate buying coconut yogurt because it’s so expensive so in my head paying for it at breakfast is ok (logic? nope but don’t care haha).
    Your smile is contagious babe! Keep it up xxxx

    • Ooh yes lucky gal, that is such a nice spot to have by uni… Even for a lil laptop sesh and coffee.. And banana bread >:) I know what you mean, I feel like it makes it alright because it is just included haha! They are V generous with it too which is nice. Ah my love :) thank you! And thank you for stopping by! Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’ve been wanting to check it out, but I’m in full-on revision mode for the next few weeks so having to give it a miss for now! Totally agree cake for breakfast should be a thing – the recipe I posted this morning I ate for too many breakfasts when I made it last!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Ah man, sending all my energy, tea and cake your way! Whaaaaaaaat toffee and pecan in the mix!? That sounds absolutely incredible gal. Ooft. Good luck with all the revision and exams my love, you will smash ’em. Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    This place looks/sounds amazing! I don’t spend as much time as I’d like to in Covent Garden – I’m adding this to my list of places to visit! Oh, and you look bloody ADORABLE! Was SO good to meet you the other day lovely one!

    Hayley xo

    • It was so beautiful, can’t go wrong with marble, greenery and banana bread haha! I know, I don’t either – I must try and pop down more. SO nice to meet you too, did you end up going to the second event? We must meet for that coffee ;) soon haha! Immy x

  • Such gorgeous photos, love the outfit – and the food looks delicious! I haven’t been to covent garden in such a long time, when I’m next there I’ll definitely visit!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Thank you so much Lucy! The jeans are my faaave! Also, the top is my first purchase from Brandy Melville – I have fallen in love! It is such a lovely corner or London, I need to visit more often! Thank you for stopping by my love :) Immy x

  • Farmstead looks SO good! I’d got into a habit of avoiding Covent Garden when I lived in London but it’s right by where I went to uni and looking back it holds a lot of sweet London memories and I can’t wait to re-visit when I’m next in town! x

    • It was so lovely! Been dreaming of the banana bread ever since haha <3 <3 I know what you mean, it is the classic tourist spot! Was refreshing to visit in the morning. Will be lovely and nostalgic to visit next time you are in London! Have a lovely Monday chica :) Immy x

  • Oh my, the food here looks delicious! I love your outfit, you look gorgeous!


    • It was so scrumptious! I am yet to check out the lunch and dinner too! Thank you chick :) I haven’t taken off those jeans since I bought ’em haha! Immy x

  • Typical post that makes me wish I lived in London!! So jealous!!

    Caterina |

    • Oh man, ya say that, but I always wish I lived in Italy! Would be the dream. Grass is always greener ay? You will have to write down a big ole list for next time you visit :) Immy x

  • Maria

    This food looks delicious and I love your outfit!
    She Blushes

    • Thank you so much Maria :) Hehe cheers, I have literally worn these jeans SO much since I got them, it’s starting to get embarrassing lol! Immy x

  • Those jeans are so nice!
    I need to get myself a pair :)

    And the food looked absolutely yummy!

    • Ah thank you Ella, I haven’t stopped wearing ’em – I need to find another fave garment lol. H&M, such a good price too :) Immy x

  • Rebecca Rogers

    This looks like such a beautiful place! Also, that food looks AMAZING (and so does your outfit!) xx

    Rebecca |

    • Thank you Rebecca my love :) It was such a nice experience! It was dreamy, inspired me to make my own banana loaf and having for breakfast lol. Hehe thanks my love :) Immy x

  • Your blog is so interesting and neat! That brunch looks good and also helps us all recognise where our food comes from.