Long Haul Flight Attire

Immy May travel attire St Luke's Mews

The flight to Thailand is a whooping 12 hours.

I think the longest flight I have ever had was 6 hours, so y’know, double that. :o

I am pretty restless at the best of times, so I know this journey would take a bit of prep. I want to be the comfiest snug bug in some sort of lovely soft rug if there is such a thing. I have done a smidge of research on some of the comfiest garms out there, I do kindaaa look like I’m off to the gym, but that’s aight >:) I have also gathered together a few hand luggage essentials, howevs I didn’t wanna make this post too long so make sure ya check ’em out in Friday’s post.

Firstly, the outfit.

H&M top Immy May

I wanted to go for super simple garms. The main aim of the game was to wear the softest clothes possible. Starting with a plain white T from H&M. Breathable, super comfy and easy. I always go for a size up just for that extra comfort… Basically trying to get as close to PJ’s as poss teeheh.

Most planes I have traveled on in the past get fureeeeeezing. For that reason, a hoodie is V needed to keep you toasty. I am such a fan of this Zara number. It is super soft, not too heavy and SO friggin cosy.

Immy May travel style

I am terrible for wearing active wear when I ain’t doing any kinda activity (except for eat probs) But ghad damn these leggings are so comfy, soft, supportive and feel a lil more sassy than simple leggings. I picked these beauts up from TK Maxxx which FYI are SO good (and cheap) for active wear.

Immy May TKMaxx activewear

I’m not gonna beat around the bush here (no pun intended, lol) Underwear is errythang. Gal aint gonna be pulling out wedgies every 2 mins, so my finest granny pants are coming out ladies and gents. I say wotevs to PSLs. Oh and don’t forget the wireless bra too. I picked up a lovely seamless number from Forever 21, it’s probs ma new fave thing.

Immy May travel style

Trainers. I think this is the in-flight norm, but y’know. These are my current flyknit babes from Nike. They are super light weight, comfy and let ma feet breathe (ew, breathing feet). I can also pull em off and on really easy, will is always handy for airport security etc!

Immy May travel style

Also, 107% taking off my trainers and slipping on my bed socks as soon as I sit ma booty down on that plane.

I have never actually been on a long haul flight before so I kinda guessing here… Do you have any tips?


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  • Ellie Adams

    How do you look SO cool in sportswear?!?!?! I am so beyond jealous of your Thailand trip, have the most amazing time lady and make the most of 12 hours of chill in your comfies with all of the movies and snacks!


    • Love this way of thinking of a flight as a 12 hour chill! I’d never thought of it like that before, i’m usually quite impatient! I’ll be getting out my colouring book and all of the snacks and movies and looking at things differently this time I think! xx

      Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

      • YES 12 hour chill sounds like a great plan to me! I am going to try and sleep towards the end of the flight as we arrive 7AM Thailand time. eep! Aaaaaaaaaall the movies and snacks >:) Going to do a good Pret haul before boarding hehe. Immy x

  • Yes to bed socks on the plane!! Also the flight to Thailand is 12 hours – who knew?! I hadn’t really noticed how long my flight over to Nepal is because i’ve got a stopover. This is literally so similar to my flight outfit it’s so funny. Grey sweatshit, white t-shirt, gym leggings and trainers, can’t be dealing with jeans or any of that haha ! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

    • Oooh that is quite nice that you have a stop over, good to break it up a little! Ohmagaaaad I am SO excited for ya chick! loool definitely the ultimate essentials >:) Jeans would be a right mare! Immy x

  • Such a great outfit for a long haul flight (not that I’ve ever been on one) but definitely going to remember to go SUPER comfy if I ever do!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Yes, I am really excited / nervous for it! Just hope I have a good snack / film selection >:) I am kiiiinnnnda tempted to pack my dressing gown to wear, now that would be ULTIMATE comfort. Immy x

  • Yeah definitely take something warm. It gets oh so cold! Shoes are a hard one, if your feet swell then it’s better to find shoes you can keep on. I always wear compression socks on long haul even though I don’t technically need them but they just help my body get used to the altitude (though I normally do ultra long haul to Aus!). I usually wear a casual loose dress on a place with thick leggings underneath as I find it most comfy! x

    • Aaaah the worst! Shoes are a bit of a hard one, not sure if my feel will swell or not :o I think my trainers will be comfy enough if they do! Eeeep yes Aus is the ultimate long haul! Definitely, no restrictions is the best! Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’ve never flown long haul (four hours max!) so no tips directly from me – however W has just got back from Chile which was nearly 15 hours direct and he said it was freezing after about 8 hours. I reckon layers is the best way to go!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • I know, I am so new to this! Oh wooowww that is long haul! Will take some extra layers with me, preferably my dressing gown >:) thanks for the heads up gal! Immy x

  • audrey

    Not the most attractive but dvt socks are lifesavers (literally) in long haul flights.

  • Hayley Rubery

    Girl, firstly I am SO excited to follow your travels – you’re absolutely going to LOVE Thailand, it’s the most incredible place! Secondly, I am ALL about comfort when I travel, especially long haul flights! Leggings, trainers and hoodies/jumpers are the only way! Have a safe flight lovely!

    Hayley xo

  • Georgina

    I had 20+ hours of flying in September last year and workout wear is such a good idea!!


  • Dylana

    Have so much fun in Thailand!