When Life Gives ya Lemons

Immy May London Kensington
… Whip up a viccy sponge, obvs.

When sh*t happens, keeping your chin up is tough. Of course, we need time to feel emotion, have a few tears and realise that we are human. Bad news is rubbish, but there is always a way to put a positive spin on things. A way to create a silver lining, a way to open up new and exciting opportunities.

I am a big believer of the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’. Soz for getting all spiritual ‘ere, but we weren’t meant to just walk down one path. We have to go off piste sometimes to learn, refresh our focus, re-set our perspective and y’know, keep things interesting.

Erry body goes through times feeling totally unsure, a teeeny bit scared and maybe slightly pissed at the way things have unfolded. This is all normal, it is actually a good ting. Imagine how boring life would be if things were plain sailing the whole time?


I am sat ere with mi cuppa T mulling over the past few weeks. About the people closest to me and their roller-coasters of set backs and frustration. It really, really sucked. like all the hard work was for nuttin’. But then all of a sudden the situation turned on it’s head and a much better opportunity offered itself up.

Positivity is an odd one. Radiating sunshine from within and passing it on to others is magic. Even a glimpse of a smile has the ability to alter your mood and someone else’s, isn’t that amazing? Keeping up ‘dem positive vibes after a huge knock back is hard, but not impossible.

Immy May Kensington

Approaching the situ with ya held held high, keeping your cool and trying your V best to see the silver lining can completely switch things up. These moments of strength are perhaps the most important. Rolling with the punches and learning how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and strive for something bigger ‘n’ better.

I guess I just wanted to tell ya that it’s all gonna be fine, bloody amazing even. Surround yourself with people ya love, give yourself some TLC and remind yourself how friggin’ badass you are. Determination, passion and kindness to everyone around you will pay off, always.