January Love List

Immy May

Erm, u ok Jan? Why leave so soon?

At the start of the month I set out a list of fresh goals for the year ahead. Obvs in my shiny new Bullet Journal with new pens etcetcetc. One of the goals was to post regularly (erry Weds & Fri FYI) with a vlog published on YouTube every Monday evening. Surprisingly, I have stuck to it *pats on back*.

Not gonna lie, it has been sliiightly challenging due to daylight woes (c’mon Spring, we need u) and working full time, but with an extra smidge of planning and prep – you can do it. Oh, and apparently it is getting lighter by two minutes per day, so that’s good. #BloggersRejoice

In general life, this month has been full of chuckles. A few mini adventures, special moments and new experiences. Of course, there has been a few hiccups along they way. On a global level, I am kinda hoping this dark episode Black Mirror might end soon. But I also know that strength, kindness, support and a good laugh will always shed light and unite us.

Anyway, enough rambling, here’s what I have loved this January.



Center Parcs

As you probs know by now, Center Parcs may well be my favourite place on Earth. I can’t tell ya how special it was just to bask in the company of my family and loved one for a week. I need to make this occasion happen more than just once a year.



Yo’ gal went to go see a ballet at the Royal Opera House! My uncle managed to bag us a couple of tickets for Woolf Works by Wayne McGregor. OH. MA. DAYS. It was magical, completely gripping and I wept rather a few tears. If you have the opportunity to go along to a ballet, absolutely do it – I will remember the experience for a very long time.



girls night1

I am so SO happy I went to this gals weekend in Manchester. Money is pretty right at the mo, but it was so worth spending a bit of time with these lovely ladies. I can’t wait for our next get together! Have a watch of the vlog here.



I’ve been in a pretty damn January state of mind this month #NewYearNewMe. As an effort not to spend all my pennies in various cafes, I have tried to make my lunch hour as jam packed as possible. I’ve got into the habit of heading out for a run for 30 mins, then gobbling ma lunch / showering for the other half hour. It makes me feel like I’ve got ma sh*t together, full of energy for the rest of the afternoon and that I can get home later and pop ma feet up.



Sainsbury's Vegan Cheese

I have been adapting more and more to dat vegan life recently. Not entirely intentionally, I just love how there is SO much out there for us free from folk. As you probs know, I absolutely friggin’ LOVE cheese. A big ole board of the stuff is my idea of heaven, and that ain’t gonna change anytime soon. However, it is really great that we have a vegan alternative, that actually tastes pretty damn good. Have ya checked it out?



Yoga is a big part of my life at the moment. It is  such a lovely way to focus on both mind and body for an hour. It is also a helluva good work out and makes you feel vuuunderbar afterwards! I am practicing around three times a week with my increds teacher down at the gym, but if you want to get involved from your lounge / bedroom – definitely check out Yoga with Adriene, she is such a babe.



Lush Rosy Cheeks

I got a laaavely LUSH facemask for Christmas and ohmygaaad it is dreamy. It smells divine and has done wonders with my rubbish winter skin. I need to invest in goodness from LUSH more often, it is the best.



I have reeeaaally been enjoying da vlogging this month! It is my first venture onto YouTube, and although it is scary to start a brand new platform, I have really loved creating a new video each week. It is a bit of a different kettle of fish to blogging, but I am slowly getting into ma groove. If you fancy a ganders, I’m over here… I would also massively appreciate a cheeky subscribe too hehe >:)



TK Maxx Activewear

As I have been doing a whole loada yoga, I have been getting my mits on more active wear. Let’s be honest tho, I am that gal who wears active wear y’know, for brunch and stuff hehe. TK Maxx is a gem for affordable active wear from amazing brands, Primark has some lovely bits and pieces too!

What have you been loving this month?

February is going to be a crazy one. Just a few days of work, then off to lecture at my old uni once more, THEN Thailand arrrrrmaghaaaaaaaaad I could not be more excited. Squeeeee!


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