12 hr Hand Luggage Essentials

Carry on bag essentials

I can’t tell ya how deeply satisfying these kinda flatlays are. If it wasn’t for this blog, I would NEVER be this organised, lol.  I travel to Thailand TOMORROW. In 24 hours time I will be at the airport probs buying a pair of flipflops from accessorize (all time tradition) and maybs stocking up on snacks / drinks etcetc from Pret <3.

I have done a loada of blog reading, Yootoob watching and pinning to see what I should pack for this voyage. Travel tips and recommendations are SO helpful when planning a trip, so I will try and do ma best to share mine. So far, I have learnt that good prep is what it’s aaaaall about when it comes to travel – espesh long haul.

Flights for me are often spent drinkin’ G&T’s, reading magazines and listening to music. Howevs, as this is a 12 hour stint, I want optimum comfort. I wanna touch down in Bangkok feelin’ bright eyed, bushy tailed, V moisturised and ready for the adventures to come. We all no that ain’t quite gonna happen, but we can try our best.

Here’s what I have in my travel bag so far…


Travel bag essentials

Obvs a seamless bra, granny pants and bed socks are essential when flying (See my long haul flight outfit here). My pops kindly gave me a travel pillow, which will be a savior approx. 3 hours into the flight. Also… B U M B A G. I saw this beautiful gem in Forever 21 and had to pick it up. Matt is just slightly embarrassed about the situation, but what’s not to love? Easy access to passport / money / phone etc AND it looks pretty damn sexy. I don’t think I will be taking it off for a V long time. >;)


I pretty much take my bullet journal everywhere with me. As I wont be taking my laptop with me, I will write my musings / future blog posts in ere. I will aslo be taking a book or two, not sure which ones yet though, any suggestions?


Aaaaall the cameras at all times. I am deffo gonna be taking snaps / filming a lot. The plan is to vlog a couple of days, film a few nice visual vibes-esque videos for each destination and of course take lotsa pictures. I will take my Canon point & shoot for vlogging, DSLR for bloggy bits and GoPro for everything else. I have just ordered some more SD cards and a snazzy lil holder with red stickers to keep track of em. Who even am I?


Where would a gal be without cards and cash? We are thinking of just taking money out when we arrive… Would ya say that is a good idea?


We arrive early morning in Thailand. It will (hopefully) be bright & sunny, so sun glasses will be needed to soothe my tired eyes. My Rayban babbies are gonna be my fave possession fo’sho.


Fingers crossed wont need these on the flight! I am a propa adult now and think of ‘first aid’ and medicine box essentials, #safetyfirst and all. I think it is totally worth it though, especially anti-septic wipes / imodium LUL but srsly ain’t nobody got time for that.

hand luggage essentials


This piece of kit will be a life saver in Thailand I’m sure. I don’t think they have plugs on the plane, so sticking my brick on charge for an hour will tide me over until we reach our final destination… Which is another flight away, eeep!


Gotta feel fresh ‘n’ clean when touching down in a new country. 12 hours is a long ole time, so having a mid-flight clean up will feel reaaaaal good.

I won’t wear much makeup for the flight, howevs I will cleanse my face with micellar water before / after a snooze just to keep me feeling fresh.


I will rinse this in Thailand, a small hand gel is important, especially on airplanes to try and avoid any nasty bugs etc, now THAT would not be cool.

Hand luggage essentials


I haven’t packed a full makeup bag. Just a few essentials in a clear plastic bag I picked up from Primark. Love a clear plastic makeup bag, despite getting V grubby V quickly, they are so handy for traveling!


Moisturiser, chap stick, deodorant etc. Planes are notoriously dry so these will be needed, also I though roll on would be better as to not gass people out on the airplane. Don’t wanna be that girl.


Where would I be without it?

Carry on Essentials

Fingers crossed that’s everything I need. What do you take in your travel bag… is there anything I have forgotten?

The blogging schedule is staying the same whilst I’m away, but make sure you follow along on Instagram and Youtube for the adventure. Squeeee!


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