Thoughts on Going OUT Out

Immy May Blogger

I love a boogie. Sippin’ cool prosecco or some (any) sort of cocktail and having a good ole dance with my chums.

One example being my most recent vlog, getting ma groove on with gal pals up in Manchester. It was SO fun, I laughed from start to finish and will cherish the memories for a long time. But I had a thought. The weekend was centred on the night out, but that wasn’t the highlight for me.

The highlights were sitting in Five Guys for hours weeping with laughter, getting spruced up and drinking prosecco out of plastic cups, playing bogeys in the middle of Manchester Piccadilly station (shoot me now) and generally reverting back to the 14 year olds we really are.

The actual night out in Manchester was probs my least fave in all honesty. Friggin’ rude bouncers, poker faced door girls, £10 entry fees, general betches and sleazy men. Ughhhh it makes me shudder just thinking about it! I just ain’t about that club life anymore.

I don’t drink much, I can’t stand seeing power fuelled bouncers being rude / aggressive towards my friends, I think the rule of men needing to wear shirts / women needing to look attractive (to the bouncer) is ridic. I did have a little rant about this on camera at 3AM whilst sliiightly drunk, but cut it out cos lolz I didn’t make too much sense.

Immy May blogger

I still wanted to have a chinwag about it though, because I feel like we might be in the same boat?

As a lass in her early 20’s, nights out are a big part of my social life. I fo’sho enjoy a night out, I like chilled bars with nice people and 90’s bangers, sassy cocktail bars that make me feel like a Sex in the City lass, dancing through the night covered in mud / beer at a festival. I like the nights that you don’t have to care. The nights where you don’t feel you need dem 6 inch heels and fake eyelashes.

Just gonna throw it out there, I LOVE a night in. Nipping down the road for late night yoga sesh, spending time making a deelish super and sharing a few glasses of vino snuggled on the sofa with mi boyf. Having a clan of friends round for a fajita night, or having your closest gal pal over for a nice pamper sesh. I don’t feel the FOMO, I just feel content and happy.

Maybe I’m getting old, but I kinda like it.

Are you still a partaaaaaaaay animal, or are ya a takeaway / dinner soiree / low key cocktails lass like me?