Real Talk


I wasn’t quiiiiiiiiite sure whether to hit publish on this post.  Becoz y’know, it doesn’t fit in with my blog schedule (lol) but here I am posting it anyway. Reasons being mainly because 1. blogging ain’t just about the vunderbar, shiny, happy tings in life and 2. because actually, we all have our weaknesses and I think it is healthy to chat about it.

Over the past few weeks, my mind has been moving at around 190283 miles per hour. Not in a bad way, I guess ma brain has been on fire with ideas, things I want to accomplish, new potential paths and tbh it all bubbled over and my brain was just like ok gal calm da F down.

There I was sitting in a new cute ‘lil French cafe with two macrons and a cappuccino, scribbling into my bullet journal all the things I would like to explore. The main ones being the possibility of yoga teacher training / getting my toosh back into telly presenting and a whole bunch of ideas for this corner of the internet.

The perf way to spend a lunch break (also V smug a cafe with cute pastries and marble tables has opened opposite my work lol) but the thing is with anxiety, it creeps up on ya. After snapping the above Instagram shot and skipping out the cafe back to work, my heart started racing and what was a lovely chilled lunch break just turned.

Feeling like this during work is n a s t y, but these things happen. I am terrible at bottling things up and every now and then just exploding in a flurry of anxiety, but after taking a moment to breathe deeply, sip water, scroll through snaps of the Obamas and calm myself down I am starting to feel better.

I guess I just wanted to say that even though things may be going swimmingly, there will always be those moments that pop up out of nowhere. And that is totally normal. Apologies if this post doesn’t make complete sense, I just fancied a chat.

I am now off to meet ma boyf, Granny, uncle ‘n’ aunty to watch a dress rehearsal for the Royal Ballet after a large glass of vino. Men in tights will 100% make me feel better. >:)