Profile of a Girl Boss: Ellie Adams

Profile of a Girl Boss Ellie Adams Elle Next Door

Oooh we got a lil summin’ new going on in this corner of the internet. As it is a new year, I wanted a new project. Something to give me a focus and send a whole bunch of positive vibes out into the world. As 2016 saw a few shockers, I wanted to work on something that celebrated women who are doing amazing things. So here we are with my first installment of #ProfileofaGIRLBOSS.

I have teamed up with my incredibly talented bro Oscar May to bring you a series of interviews and sassy shots with of women reaching new and amazing heights in their chosen industry. The main focus is to firstly big up these ladies but also to inspire ya. To pass on those YAAAS lets take over the world and let nothing get in our way kinda vibes.

Without any more waffling, lets get down to it.

Profile of a Girl Boss Ellie Adams Elle Next Door

If you ain’t familiar with this babe of a blogging queen, let me introduce you to Ellie Adams.

She is the creator of the wonderful lifestyle blog and YouTube The Elle Next Door. She is friggin’ hilarious, smart, beautiful and has a way of writing that makes you feel like you are sat on the sofa with her drinking wine and nattering about life. That kinda skill is hard to grasp.

Ellie strikes me as an all round Girl Boss. She works so bloomin’ hard, and is just so on her game despite all odds. Luckily she had a lil’ bit of time to meet me and my bro for a coffee, cupcakes and a chinwag.


Profile of a Girl Boss Ellie Adams Elle Next Door

What do you do first thing in the morning?

Look at my phone. I wish I could say another answer, but I do look at my phone! Turn off my alarm, wack on Instagram, all of those cliche things but you gotta just do it.

Your five life essentials?

My family (the whooole lot as one), my phone, laptop… I’m going V tech aren’t I?! Chocolate (obvs) and concealer.

What is your proudest career moment so far and why?

It would be my Superdrug campaign with VO5. I was like yeeeeah I’ll take a few photos, I didn’t know I would be the face of the brand! The whole thing was really nice because as a blogger it usually isn’t about you, but the whole shoot was for me which was weird! I then got a succession of family members selfie-ing next to my photo in store, I was like aaah man there’s my mum, there’s my Nan who had no idea what was going on!

Profile of a Girl Boss Ellie Adams Elle Next Door

The weirdest quirk of yours?

Awww gaaad. I do a lot of weirdest things! This is really boring but I don’t sleep on pillows, I just sleep flat on the bed. Everyone is this what are ya doing?! I’m just there throwing everything on the floor!

The song that never fails to motivate you?

This is really cheesy but (don’t laugh) but Destiny’s Child Survivor. Honestly, this is how bad it is – I know that you have to skip 20 seconds in because of the waffle at the beginning. The other one Beyonce Irreplaceable. SO cheese-tactic but I feel like that has been my life for the last month. Love a bit of B!

What are you most grateful for?

My family, always. They are just the best people ever!

Best advice you have ever received?

Sounds sassy, but never settle for less than you deserve. I have so many amazing friends who are so independent, then in one part of their life they are settling for so much less than they deserve. It is all about having the strength to make a change.

Profile of a Girl Boss Ellie Adams Elle Next Door

Any advice for a future girl boss?

Work hard. I wish I could say more but honestly, it’s just pure hard work. 2016 was the year of getting up at 5AM and going to bed at midnight, just constantly going nuts for it. I also think being proud of what you are doing, quality over quantity. Lastly, always be yourself.

What would you change within the blogging industry?

More support and celebration of success for one another. I feel like generally there is the most incredible amount of support ever in the blogging world which I wrote a post about (here) recently. It makes you feel amazing, but there is always going to be the odd indirect tweet.

Bloggers are meant to be relatable in a sense as they are not celebrities, they are normal people that are blogging about life. However, because of the industry growing so much, we now have the opportunity to do things that aren’t so relatable. Not everyone 24 year old will travel the world and work with incredible brands. But it is much more about the attitude and who you are that makes you relatable – rather than what you are doing. I wish that could be celebrated more!

What is next for you?

Almost a ridiculous amount of travel! For example, last night at midnight I booked a 5 day trip to Copenhagen with my friend Ally, I woke up this morning and was like oh I really did that!? I feel like it is going to be a really fun year. I am going to aim for less press trips and more trips on my own.

Profile of a Girl Boss Ellie Adams Elle Next Door

Whadda babe.

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If you fancy checking out more of Oscar’s amazing work, check his website here and Instagram here.


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