One Pan Veggie Brunch



How you doooin’ 2K17?

I hope you had a blast last night, what did ya get up to?

If you’re feeling anything like I am this morning (head bangin’/ could down 12839 gallons of water / bruises on knees) then you need a cure. More specifically, you need your cosiest dressing gown, bed socks, two paracetamol and brunch.


A corker or a brunch that is simple, requires minimal washing up and tastes dreamy.

All the chaps are cooking up a meat feast of bacon sarnies and sausages, so I found a veggie alternative. The one pan brunch.

Comforting beans, mushrooms and toms, a few veggie sausages from ole’ Linda, creamy guac and a generous spinkling of feta cheese, all scooped up with buttery sourdough. Ooft.


Here’s what you need:

1 tin of beans

1/2 tin of chopped toms

About 6 mushrooms

Cherry Toms

2 (or more) veggie sausages

1/4 pack of feta (cheese of choice)


Salt & Pepper




First up, grab a big ole heavy based, oven proof dish. Pop on some good tunes. Pour tea for hungover friends and family.

Pre-heat your oven to 180/350. Stick your sausages, mushrooms and cherry toms in. Sprinkle a lil salt and pepper, drizzle of oil and stick in the oven for 1o mins.

Add your chopped toms, followed by beans. Sprinkle with paprika and possibly a few chilli flakes if ya want that kick.

Stir around a bit.

Now, toast a pile of sourdough, bring your pan of brunch dreams through to the sofa / bed, snuggle down and devour.


Feeling better yet?


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  • Oh my goodness, please come here and make this for me right now!! We basically just finished breakfast (it’s 5pm here..) but I need a better hangover cure than tea and biscuits!! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • I was actually in Exeter on NYE so I probs could have! When I am next down, we should meet for a spot of brunch! I hope you had a wonderful New Year :) Immy x

  • Ooooh this just sounds too good! Want now!

    • It was so scrumptious! The perf hangover cure fo’sho. I hope you had a wonderful new years lovely lady! Immy x

  • Georgina

    Im not even veggie and this looks delicious!

    • Hehe my bro thought the same, veggie sausages are actually so delish! Immy x

  • You are SO CUTE. I love the recipe and I LOVE these photos. You look so happy!!! :D xx

    Little Miss Katy

    • hehehe thank you boo! It was so easy and bloomin’ delish. Oscar always makes me chuckle when attempting snaps… either that or I just make myself laugh. We shall have to do brunch very soon! Immy x

  • cio

    nice pict and very cute.. like it.. good luck

  • meg

    Minus the mushrooms (one day I will finally like the taste of them), this sounds DIVINE. Definitely bookmarking this as I need veggie recipes!

    Meg | Elmpetra

    • Oooh I know, mushrooms are a controversial one! I would absolutely try without the shrooms, would still be beaut! Let me know if ya try it out :) Immy x