Never, Ever Give Up


Not gon’ lie, I L O V E the surge of positivity and motivation when January rolls around. The fresh approach and feeling that anything and everything is possible with darn hard work and determination.

The ting is, I really, reeeaaaally don’t want this bad gyal ‘let’s take over the world’ attitude to fade after the month is up.


Snaps by the wonderfully talented Oscar May


We just watched Obama’s Farewell Speech and weeped just a little bit (I cried like a bubba) and I had a few thoughts.

Folks who have achieved their wildest dreams say the following things. Never, ever give up, hard work a l w a y s pays off and yes OF COURSE you can do it.  Ahem, Yes We Can #LoveU4evsObama.




It can be so easy to think aaaah m8 it ain’t gonna happen for me. I ain’t got what it takes. But you absolutely have got what it takes. If you are reading this feeling like your goals are already dwindling, then here I am to tell ya to not give up.

Keep hustlin’, planning, plotting and creating. Let’s carry this laaavely January motivation with us erry day over the next 12 months.


How is your January goin’ so far?

We leave for London this afternoon and I am so sad to leave! I would happily live in the middle of a forest for the rest of my days.


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