How To: Bullet Journal


I am a lover of a list. I fill endless notepads with scribbles, random thoughts and plans. I love flicking through the ideas that suddenly appear on my daily commute, sat in a coffee shop or in the middle of the night.

Obvs as it is a new year and all, we lav a good organisation boost. To squeeze the most out the next 365 precious days and to feel like a sassy gal boss who most definitely has her sh*t together… Or so it looks!

I know the bullet journal has been around for a while now, but I never really explored it until V recently. I would describe them as part diary, part organisation tool and part colouring / doodle pad. You follow a basic set of rules, but the rest is down to you.

The journal reminds me of how I used to use my school diaries. I used to stick photos on almost every page, illustrate my weeks and make it totally my own. A diary of homework and parents evenings became a mish mash of memories, dreams and doodles.  I started a lil bit of a trend, I think I still have mine knocking around somewhere!

Anyway. Bullet journals. This is what I have done to mine thus far.


I received a beaut Moleskine diary from Matt for Christmas, I bought sassy new Stabilo pens (all the stationary goals), and a few cute bits from Kikki.k to get me going.

Before you get started, I would  recommend getting a few scraps of paper and make a little plan of how you might want your pages to look. As you will keep this little book of wisdom on ya a lot of the time, it is nice to have it exactly how you would like it!

Firstly, open up your first spread.

This will be your index.


Of course, I have just started out so mine is a little bare for now.

It is like starting a fresh book, filling the chapters out as you go. If you need to track down that light bulb moment you noted down months back, it will take seconds to track down. Handy, eh?


There are a whole bunch of rules that apply when using a bullet journal which ya can see here. Although I find that the beauty of it all is creating something that works for you.

A space to pour your thoughts and creative moments into. A whole book worth of inspiration, ideas and thoughts, reminding you why you started and why you should keep on goin’.

I thought I would show you a few of my pages so far. I have only been going a few days, so it ain’t much. Maybe I should do an update in a couple of months time?

Of course, I have the usual bullet journal style daily logs and to-do lists. In terms of lifestyle, I have created the following pages…



Cor blimey, I LOVE a timetable. There is something very satisfying about seeing a fresh month laid out in front of you. It gives a nice perspective and space to fit my plans in, seeing what I have blocked out and how much time I can dedicate to other bits and bobs.



Kikik K is my <3 I treated myself to a few motivation cards to perk up my journal a little. If ever I am struggling a little with motivation, I will turn to this page. Ok yas I am a lil’ basic betch, but quotes never fail to give me that extra boost.



I jotted down all various goals for the next 365 days. That way I can remind myself daily of what it is I want to achieve this year. Fingers crossed I will tick off a few… You can read them all here if you fancy it!



To make sure I am keeping up with the above goals, I created a blog schedule. A cute little list of the date, day and title of my posts. I can be V forgetful, so this is a great reminder of what I need to be working on and when.



Holy crapoly. Yesterday I noted down 74 blog post ideas. 74! The coffee went straight to my head and my brain was on fire! Hopefully these babies will keep me going for a while.

I would LOVE to know what sorta bits you have in your Bullet Journal if you have one. If you need some more inspiration, I have been pinning ideas like a mad woman over on my Pinterest!

Here’s to a super productive, organised and creative 2017.


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  • I love this post! I think I’d love a bullet journal as I love being organised! x
    Sophie Cliff

    • Thank you Sophie mi love :) Yes, I think you really would too! It is such a wonderful little creative activity as well as making you feel organised and on top of things. If you do start one, I would LOVE to see what you do with it. Immy x

  • I’ve been meaning to properly find out what you’re supposed to do with a bullet journal, and now I know! I’d heard so many bloggers talking about it but just didn’t get it. To be honest, it all looks a bit too structured to me, but I do plan on dairying my life a bit better this year so I get more done. And btw, I also used to do full-on makeovers on my school homework diary!

    • I know, I was the same haha! I was very intrigued by the whole thing! I know what you mean, it is taking me a little getting used to – I am far too used to just scribbling things down as I go. Did ya really! SO much fun, I really want to find my old ones it would be hilarious to read it back! Immy x

  • Ach, y u so organised?! I’ve tried to bullet journal a couple of times now and get completely sidetracked or distracted by something new and shiny, I need to get cracking again for 2017 so thanks for the inspo. I used mine for meal planning too which is OH SO DULL but effective, stops me overspending on crapola from the supermarket every two seconds (might be the most adult thing I’ve ever said!) Defo do an update when you’ve been using it a while, I’ll need a nudge to get back on it by then!
    M x

    • I don’t know what’s come over me! I have been taken over with a big ole surge of organisation (100% certain it won’t last) lol. I will also be doing a smidgen of meal planning, we are SO bad at aimlessly wondering around Sainsbury’s with the hoards over other hangry commuters, so hopefully this will get us on track! Alright, I will do a lil update in a few months… It will also help me to stay on track! Immy x

  • I’ve never even heard of a bullet journal before! I did receive a 2017 diary for Christmas and haven’t used it yet but this blog post has definitely inspired me to start using it now! :)

    • I kinda heard it floating around for a while, I just didn’t know how it really worked… There are so many lil’ tutorials on YT as well if you wanted to look into it a little more :) Hehe yay! I LOVE a fresh diary, makes me feel so motivated! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New year Eleasha :) Immy x

  • Mira

    Oh I really need to buy a planner for the new year! x

    • Oooh yes do it Mira! I absolutely LOVE a good diary, really helps me get all my thoughts / plans / goals in check! Immy x

  • Exciting to have a peek at your upcoming post schedule :) this is so cool! I can’t believe how organised you are, in awe! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • Ooooh hehe! I hope I can stick to it lol :) I am on that January roll, really trying to keep the momentum goin’! I hope you are well lovely lass :) Immy x

  • This is absolute organisational GOALS! I’ve got my trusty paper diary but that’s about as far as it goes!
    Elle Bloggs

    • Aaaaaay thank you so much Elle! Any diary is good enough :) It really is such a personal thing, ya gotta do what works well for you :) Happy (bleated) New Year! Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    This is SO pretty, very “planner goals”! I use a Filofax and it’s full of a mix of work/blog/food stuff and it certainly doesn’t look as nice as this – does the job though!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Hehe, I have been V inspired by my 93802 hours browsing them all on Pinterest haha! Ooh nice, definitely sounds like a really good way to work… And nice to have it all in one place! Immy x

  • Your journal looks amazing – I really want to get into the whole bullet journal thing, it looks like so much fun & gives an excuse to use allll the stationary haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Thank you lovely Lucy :) I literally thought the same thing haha! I used to be o b s e s s e d with stationary (I still am!) Immy x

  • I used to bullet journal all the time but, sadly, gave it up as it wasn’t quite what I needed for work as well! I like the idea of having one just for blogging tho – maybe I’ll give it a go!

    From Exquisite Perspectives

    • Oooh how long did ya keep it going? Really, really going to try and keep it up throughout the whole year! I know what ya mean though, I have already been tempted to scribble in work bits too – I have to try stop myself! Definitely one maybe for blog and personal stuff? :) Immy x

  • Ellie Adams

    Still obsessed with your Kikki K page that dreams are made of ;) I really need to get into this but I’m so messy and untidy when I write, I don’t even think a bullet journal can help me haha!


    • Hehe I bladdy loved making that page! ALL the quotes >:) I am trying so hard to keep it nice and neat, I am naturally such a scribbler too! Immy x

  • youve seriously inspired me to go make my own now! i remember discovering bullet journals 5 or so years back and i found them so fascinating. i love looking at everyones journals which i assume is because of my artistic soul. I’m determined to do one of my own eventually haha.

    • Oooh yay go for it Eloise! I would love to see what lovely stuff you do to yours too :) I absolutely love browsing other peoples bullet journals too, so much inspiration on Pinterest! It is actually quite relaxing having a little creative organisation project goin’ haha! Immy x

  • This looks like a stationary lovers dream (aka me, haha) and your journal looks beautiful! Such a great idea. X

    • Oh man, it really really is – I am worried it might get out of hand! Thank you so much Abby :) Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    Oh lady I LOVE this idea – I’ve seen and heard so much about bullet journals but haven’t ever done one! I think the thing I miss the most about uni is being creative so I’m definitely going to start one as it looks so fab! Can’t wait to read your upcoming posts too love, looks like you have some amazing content planned!

    Hayley xo

    • Heheee I know what you mean, I was so curious about them! Yes definitely – I really miss getting super organised and creative haha! Now I have put a little content plan on ere, I gotta keep up with it now lol! I hope you are really well my love :) Immy x

  • Frances Kayleigh

    Ahh this is so helpful! So glad I came across your blog. I’ve been wanting to start a bullet journal for 2017 but have literally had no idea where to begin! xx

    Frances Kayleigh

    • Ah so glad ya found this helpful Frances! Hehe, I can’t wait to check out your blog too! I know what you mean, it is a bit hard to get started when you’re not quiittttte sure how to go about it lol! If you do start, I would love to see what you go for! Immy x

  • Wow your journal is so neat and beautiful! Wish I had the patience to do something like this but hey who knows 2017 might be the year! Great post idea!

    Emma | Fashion Photographer and Model |

    • Aaaah I try I tryyy! I feel like it is going to start getting significantly more untidy very soon! Yaaas do it, organised chaos (or just chaos) is the best way. Thank you Emma :) Immy x

  • Omg, you’re so organised.. I wish I did the same! Love your tips!

    Hope you’re having a Fabulous Day! Kisses,

    • Looool feeling SO January right now… not too sure how long it is going to last hehe. Thank you Taislany :) Immy x

  • oooo I’m SO glad you cleared this up for me as I’d only recently heard about these bullet journals (I must have been living under a rock).
    I LOVE STATIONARY AND LISTS so HOW I didn’t know about these is just baffling to me and you’ve now just made my life a happier one.
    Also KikkiK is everything isn’t it! Never bought anything in there meself but always go in there to drool and add things to my birthday list :)
    To summarise, I love this post.
    Betty x

    The Betty Stamp

    • I was totally the same! I did hear the word around but never actually understood what it entailed haha! You will LOVE it, definitely let me know how you get on! :) Kikki.K is my heaven, it is such a cave of wonders haha! Thank you Betty my love :) Immy x

  • I also love making lists and i had way too many notebooks! Never tried the bullet journal though

    • Oooooooooh you must try it! I am such a list lover, I can’t stop myself! It is such a great way to clear the mind. If you do try it out, let me know how ya get on! Immy x

  • You’re bullet journal is so cute!! I love how you’ve stuck in quotes and pictures. I really want to start one but I’m going away travelling for 3 months in 4 weeks time so I think I will wait until I’m home! Xx

    • Thank you Frances, I got WAY too into it haha! I definitely looks a little more rough around the edges now lol! Ooooomgggggggggg so excited for your travels gal! You are going to have the most incredible time! I can’t wait to read all about it :) Immy x

  • Haha, oh the days of having a school diary with loads of doodles in. I used to love covering my notebooks in cool wrapping paper too and then slapping a load of stickers on to make it look extra awesome! I’ve always been intrigued by a bullet journal but no matter how pretty and useful they look, I just don’t think I’d be able to keep up with it and maintain the structure of it all. Your bullet journal looks gorgeous though and has definitely given me inspiration to make my diary look a little neater/prettier!

    • Yessssss I remember doing that so clearly! Took me SO much time and effort lol. I know what you mean, I feel like mine has lost a liiittle bit of structure over the last few weeks, although I really love reading through it and seeing all my thoughts and ideas! Thank you so much for stopping my lovely lady :) Immy x

  • Oh I so want to fall back in love with mine… I’ve used it for a year, and wanted to do os much more with it, but I just don’t think I “need” it to be all the other things it could be, so I’m actually finding it harder now than just a good old diary?!
    I haven’t decideed yet if I will revert?
    Holly xx BLOG:

    • I know exactly what you mean, they can get so crazy! I think I have really adopted mine to my own needs – I always feel bad when I see how snazzy and amazing other peoples ones look! I like the basic premise of the bullet journal – but I think it is absolutely down to you and what works for you :) Immy x