How To: Bullet Journal


I am a lover of a list. I fill endless notepads with scribbles, random thoughts and plans. I love flicking through the ideas that suddenly appear on my daily commute, sat in a coffee shop or in the middle of the night.

Obvs as it is a new year and all, we lav a good organisation boost. To squeeze the most out the next 365 precious days and to feel like a sassy gal boss who most definitely has her sh*t together… Or so it looks!

I know the bullet journal has been around for a while now, but I never really explored it until V recently. I would describe them as part diary, part organisation tool and part colouring / doodle pad. You follow a basic set of rules, but the rest is down to you.

The journal reminds me of how I used to use my school diaries. I used to stick photos on almost every page, illustrate my weeks and make it totally my own. A diary of homework and parents evenings became a mish mash of memories, dreams and doodles.  I started a lil bit of a trend, I think I still have mine knocking around somewhere!

Anyway. Bullet journals. This is what I have done to mine thus far.


I received a beaut Moleskine diary from Matt for Christmas, I bought sassy new Stabilo pens (all the stationary goals), and a few cute bits from Kikki.k to get me going.

Before you get started, I would  recommend getting a few scraps of paper and make a little plan of how you might want your pages to look. As you will keep this little book of wisdom on ya a lot of the time, it is nice to have it exactly how you would like it!

Firstly, open up your first spread.

This will be your index.


Of course, I have just started out so mine is a little bare for now.

It is like starting a fresh book, filling the chapters out as you go. If you need to track down that light bulb moment you noted down months back, it will take seconds to track down. Handy, eh?


There are a whole bunch of rules that apply when using a bullet journal which ya can see here. Although I find that the beauty of it all is creating something that works for you.

A space to pour your thoughts and creative moments into. A whole book worth of inspiration, ideas and thoughts, reminding you why you started and why you should keep on goin’.

I thought I would show you a few of my pages so far. I have only been going a few days, so it ain’t much. Maybe I should do an update in a couple of months time?

Of course, I have the usual bullet journal style daily logs and to-do lists. In terms of lifestyle, I have created the following pages…



Cor blimey, I LOVE a timetable. There is something very satisfying about seeing a fresh month laid out in front of you. It gives a nice perspective and space to fit my plans in, seeing what I have blocked out and how much time I can dedicate to other bits and bobs.



Kikik K is my <3 I treated myself to a few motivation cards to perk up my journal a little. If ever I am struggling a little with motivation, I will turn to this page. Ok yas I am a lil’ basic betch, but quotes never fail to give me that extra boost.



I jotted down all various goals for the next 365 days. That way I can remind myself daily of what it is I want to achieve this year. Fingers crossed I will tick off a few… You can read them all here if you fancy it!



To make sure I am keeping up with the above goals, I created a blog schedule. A cute little list of the date, day and title of my posts. I can be V forgetful, so this is a great reminder of what I need to be working on and when.



Holy crapoly. Yesterday I noted down 74 blog post ideas. 74! The coffee went straight to my head and my brain was on fire! Hopefully these babies will keep me going for a while.

I would LOVE to know what sorta bits you have in your Bullet Journal if you have one. If you need some more inspiration, I have been pinning ideas like a mad woman over on my Pinterest!

Here’s to a super productive, organised and creative 2017.


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