Fresh 2017 Goals


I have just sat ‘ere in ma dressing gown and scrolled through yeeeeeears worth of my blog.

It is nice to reflect on how life has changed. How seemingly small decisions have shaped your path, and how things really do fall into place over time.

A LOT has changed since the 2014 blog posts. Feeling like a propa adult (kinda) in my own flat with a boyf, my 21 year old self would be like lol wtf in a million years gal pal pffffft. But if I hadn’t gone to that party, decided to say yes or check my Facebook messages, OR not listened to my brother howling ‘forreverrrrr aloooooone’ at me, none of this would have happened. Weird, innit?

Reflecting and planning for another year is important. I ain’t a new years resolution kinda gal, but I do love setting goals. A statement of motivation and the knowledge that absolutely anything and everything is possible. But it also requires hard work every. single. day. I am down for that.

I really, really want to look back on 2017 and feel proud, feel like I have achieved the impossible and oh lawd if you work really hard, great things happen.

Here are my goals for 2017.


That’s it. I’m giving YouTube all I’ve got this year. I want to put my efforts into weekly vlogging (fingers crossed it might be kinda interesting *lol*to watch) and there will be a video up at 6PM every Monday YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! Future Immy, if you are reading this back and didn’t stick to it, ur a nincompoop. Oh, I am over here with the first installment if you fancy a ganders.



This year has been a whirlwind. Everyone has been SO busy and I haven’t seen as much of my favoruite gal friends as I had hoped. I want more girly sleepovers, trips and adventures. We are growing up so bladdy quickly, I meaaan one of my bezzies got married last year so that’s saying summin’.


By that I mean, work ma friggin bootay off during the week in order to switch off more. I wrote a whole post about that here, but I truly believe that preparation creates opportunities. Managing time and working as hard as you possibly can will take you to amazing places.



I love a lil spontaneous adventure. A jolly to a different town, city or country. There is such beauty in exploring a new culture for a few days, getting lost, drinking fine wine and back just in time for your 8AM start the following Monday. Even though it was a 70 pound Ryan Air flight and 24 hours, my trip to Dussledorf with two of my best pals a few years back will always stay with me. Such a last minute decision but a whole load of bladdy hilarious memories.


Well, this is pretty keen. I am totally not ready for this one, alas what’s life if you don’t aim for the highest possible? OF COURSE I can if I put the work in. I would be absolutely over the moon to possibly start my Pilates teacher training, lecture a little at my old uni and use my days to blog. We’ll see.



I will not wish days away this year. I will love Monday as much as Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I want to make the most out of my mornings, lunch breaks and evenings. I feel like I’m not too bad at the whole TGIF ting, but I want to always find spontaneous adventures and fun times in weekdays too.


Everyone goes through tough times, but we also go through great amazing times too. It is SO important just to stop and appreciate that. Take a few minutes to think, well damn all the people I love are doing pretty good, healthy and I am totally happy where I am right now. It is those moments of clarity that will carry you through the down days. The otherwise insignificant giggles in bed, drinking wine with friends, catching up with your mum at the kitchen table. Find happiness and light in your life. Kinda like one of my fave quotes;

“It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

Pretty nice, ain’t it?

What are your goals for 2017?


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  • I love all of these goals and they’ve made me feel all warm and fuzzy!!! I especially love the point about spending more time with gal pals – those are always memories that you’ll remember forever! x
    Sophie Cliff

    • Ooo thank you Sophie! :) I absolutely love thinking of new goals, fingers crossed I can look back in a year and feel proud that I actually achieved them! I can’t wait to see ma girls more, they are definitely the best memories that you carry with you forever! :) Immy x

  • I totally agree with you about trying to appreciate life in the moment and not wishing for Friday. I can’t wait to see you 2017 has in store. Happy new year! (I also adore your british-isms in your writing!)

    xx, Pia

    • Absolutely, really going to try and work on that this year! Try to plan a few bits and bobs for after work etc. Me too, it is a really exciting time, isn’t it? Hehehe, good ole’ British-isms, I can’t even tell when I write one! Thank you for stopping by :) Immy x

  • Laura Torninoja

    I SO agree with the “Never wish for Friday” goal – it’s so important! It’s something I’m still struggling with but I’m definitely trying my best. Hope 2017 is finally the year when I make that happen! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • YES Laura, let’s do it. I am going to start with trying to plan a few nice things to do in the weekdays, so I end up looking forward to Wednesday etc. It just dawned on me that the weeks pass by SO quickly, I want to stop and appreciate ’em! Happy New Year my love, I hope 2017 is an incredible one for you! Immy x

  • Those sound like such great goals for the year. I’m terrible for not living in the moment and for wishing for the weekend, so I must try to stop this too! x

    • Thank you lovely lady. Setting goals is always a bit of a weird one, but I think these are maaaybe achievable! Yes me too :( I want to love Mondays! Happy new year chick, I hope 2K17 has some wonderful bits in store for you :) Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I definitely need to make more time for my friends too – and work smarter! On the note, let me know when you are free lovely!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • YES! I feel we get so caught up in work / general life bits that seeing gal pals and chatting over a cocktail gets put to the bottom of the pile. Let’s definitely meet for a bev, I work in central London so pretty free most eves after 5! :) Immy x

  • Great goals! Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you Katherine, let’s hope I stick to them hehe! Happy new year! Immy x

  • I find the new years’ goals a bit boring usually but I resonated with every single one of yours!! So inspiring, and I think they’re all aiming high as well as being achievable. You got this ;) xx

    • I definitely feel ya on that one, there are just SO MANY. I hope I can achieve even just a few of them, blogging is a great way of measuring how much you have grown and achieved over time! Thank you my love :) 2017 will be the year of graft for sure. I hope you had the most wonderful New Years and have lots of exciting things in store for 2017! Immy x

  • “Never wish for friday!” ♥

    Love your blog! You just got a new follower! ♥ Keep up the good work!

    With Love,
    Anna || Fuzzword

    • Yes, my motto for this year! Thank you so much Anna, glad to have ya on board! Immy x

  • The Sunday Mode

    For me in 2017 I’d really like to work smarter as well because I often feel like I’m always working but not getting much done and still not getting hardly any down time to relax! I’d also love to take more mini trips this year and some big ones overseas too hopefully!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • I absolutely know what you mean! I do EXACTLY that. Today I set my to do list out open on the table and went back to it to cross it off every time I got something done, it was like a mission haha! Yes I would love that too, we will make it happen :) Immy x

  • oooh this is such a lovely post – wishing you a great 2017!!! Always such a motivational time of year! :)

    Layla xx

    • Thank you so much Layla :) you too, let’s have an amazing one! Immy x