My Fave Work Snacks

Go to Work Snacks Immy May

I am a right old snacking lass. I think the proper term is ‘grazer’, obvs inc. actual meals too.

As I vowed to try and save my pennies this year (ahem not spend my salary in Pret, fml) I am making the conscious effort to prep and get all the snacks a gal needs ready the night before. Home made grub really does make you feel amaze, on top of life and pretty damn smug. Reason one being ya save precious dollar, and two coz y’know, the healthy life and all that.

I was going to list out a whole bunch of snack ideas, but in all honesty, I usually only have a handful of got to snacks that are super easy to make / cheap / tasty. So let’s keep it simple! What tickles my pickle might not tickle yours, but I thought I would make a few suggestions. I LOVE a bit of inspiration here and there to keep things fresh and more enticing than the almond croissants winking at me from shop windows. Ooooooft almond croissants <3 <3 <3

Anyways, first up…


Go to Work Snacks Immy May

Go to Work Snacks Immy May

Are ya familiar with the American snack ‘ants on a log‘? It all seemed very bizarre to me. They are celery sticks topped with peanut butter and raisins. Weird, eh? But trust me dallin’ they are SO tasty. Spooning PB onto celery sticks is a right pain, but my bae Pinterest gave me the corker of an idea to create a dipping jar. Simply a few (big) spoonfuls of delish PB and celery sticks stuck in. Perf. You could also do this with carrots & hummus / any other dipping combos you like! Any ole jar will do, I picked up some cheeky £1 ones from Tiger.


Go to Work Snacks Immy May

Sweet, tasty and filling bars of goodness are the best. You can pretty much chuck anything into a granola bar and it will taste dreamy. I use oats, chia seeds, coconut oil, maple syrup, pecans, and a cheeky few squares of dark choc. I usually adapt this recipe, it is easy peasy and the bars keep up to a month! Perfect to whip up on a Sunday evening prep sesh. NOTE: The bars pictured above aren’t my lovely homemade babies, however I will be posting them very soon!


Go to Work Snacks Immy May

Go to Work Snacks Immy May

Seeds. eeew. I know, but stay with me on this one. Only recently have I discovered my love for these fellas. My bro and his GF made us the most glorious vegan salad with heaps of roasted seeds on top. They are just your average sunflower seeds with a splash of soy, toasted within about 5 mins in a frying pan. The soy just gives them the most delish coating, they are SO more-ish and really good for you. They aren’t the most filling of snacks, but a perfect quick nibble to keep you going.


Go to Work Snacks Immy May

I have made many a energy ball in my time. They are a great blitz of goodness that get ya through the day one bite at a time. I would especially recommend these if you have a super busy job and have no time to nip of and grab a snack / sit down to eat lunch. There are LOADS of gorgeous recipes out there, HEMSLEY & HEMSLEY do some corkers and of course, you always have Pinterest.

What are your go to working snacks? Gal needs all the inspiration she can get!


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  • I love the idea of having little jars of homemade snacks at work! I have sadly recently stopped snacking at work in an effort to control my chocolate biscuit habit but perhaps I could start again with some healthy snacks like these… :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • Hehe it is so nice! I have SO many jars knocking around at home so it is good to put em in use! Oh man I know, I used to be all over the biscuit / choc / cake at work, it was far too hard to resist! In my job now, there is no lovely food to be seen… Which is both good and bad I guess lol! I definitely think your sweet tooth will be satisfied by the granola bars! Immy x

  • Kayleigh Tanner

    Definitely gonna give those granola bars a whirl, and the little dipping jars are adorb! xx

    • Oooh yes do it! I am going to make a big ole batch on Sunday, they last for so long (providing ya don’t gobble them in one sitting teehee) >:) they are so cute aren’t they?! Blimmin’ love Pinterest! Immy x

  • Laura Torninoja

    Those seeds look surprisingly appetising, I have to say! I think I’m gonna definitely try them out in a salad to give a bit of crunch – yum! Thanks for the tips lovely lady x

    • They are actually SO deelish. Never, ever thought I would say that. I used to really dislike seeds even though I know how amazingly good they are for ya. I guess the soy just gives them an extra crunchy n salty coating. They would be perf on a salad! :) Let me know what ya think lass. Immy x

  • Love this post, the dipping jar looks so good!! Still want to make my own energy balls too! Only just found your blog but I’ve just followed you on bloglovin’ xx

    • Thank you my lovely Jasmine :) It is such a good idea isn’t it! I need to actually get round to making some energy balls, maybe this Sunday! Ooh yay thank you chicks, will follow you back! Need to get myself more involved in Bloglovin’ Immy x

  • I really want to try these Granola bars! They look so yummy xx

    • They are so so yummy, and super satisfying too! If ya have a spare few hours at the weekend, definitely whip up a batch. Immy x

  • I really want to give the dipping jars a try! XX

    • I would absolutely recommend them Nausikaa! Such an easy snack! I LOVE all kinds of dipping snacks so these are perfect for me :) Thank you for stopping by my love. Immy x

  • I love granola bars. I’m always on the lookout for more healthy snacks because I spend half of my life snacking! x

    • Me too! I feel like they are the most indulgent kinda healthy snack? Snacking is my favourite activity so I needed to work on a few healthy alternatives hehe! Immy x

  • Pret is the worst for my pennies! I swear I give them about £10 most days *insert eye roll emoji*. And literally sitting here contemplating what to go and get from them for lunch while reading this! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

    • Ahhhhhhmaghaad it is SO bad! I calculated all that I spent in Pret over the last two or so months and it was outrageous haha! I am a sucker for Pret, it is just far too easy! Trying to tempt myself away with homemade bits and bobs. I’m interested, what did ya end up choosing?! Immy x

      • Oh no, I don’t think I would even want to know! Where are their loyalty cards at haha! I got a hot wrap and a chocolate mousse, so naughty (and expensive) xx

        • YES they should definitely have loyalty cards! One of the lovely ladies in there does sometimes give me a free cuppa which is nice haha >:) Oooohmygooood I LOVE the chocolate mousse! So rich and delicious! What are we like?! lol. Immy x

  • i’m kinda happy that pret does not exist where i live. whenever i’m in england i spend most of my money in there because everything is so good and healthy. i like making fruit salads to take to work and uni with me. its great so snack on, it is filling and sweet.

    • Oh yes you are so so lucky that you aren’t tempted by it erry day lol! It is about 30 seconds away from my office, far too easy haha! Totally agree, their stuff is so yummy. They also do deelish veggie and vegan options too ? fruit salad is such a good idea! I am always craving something sweet ? Thank you for your comment lovely lady! Immy x

  • Seeds!! You’re a braver woman than I am… Half of my salary goes on lunch time snacks so I really want to start making more of an effort to prep! Thanks for some great ideas! Lauren |

    • Truuuust me dallin’ I am still terrible at this! I am rubbish at designating time to prep, especially when you have a busy weekend! Let me know if you try any of em lady :) Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    Hahaha I am also a fellow grazer, working from home I think you tend to graze so much! I need to try making some energy balls and I love those dipping pots you’ve made, bladdy genius love!

    Hayley xo

    • I bet, I would ALWAYS be nibbling on something if I worked from home! Energy balls are the one, I also love ma dipping jars – so handy! Immy x

  • Snacks make the world go round!
    I looooove the toasted seed idea, I’ll definitely be trying this! Also brb on my way to Tiger to purchase these jars and recreate these ants on a log, anything with peanut butter i’m in!!

    Love Luce x

  • Georgina

    Dipping jars is an amaazing idea! Especially for the office!

  • Adaleta Avdic

    These snacks look so tasty, and I need more snacks when I work because I have a hard time eating! xx