Center Parcs, Longleat Forest

Center Parcs Longleat Forest
Center Parcs is my happy place.

I know, I harp on about the place all the bloody time, but I just LOVE it.

The idea of leaving your car behind, hopping on a bike and spending a week with ya nearest ‘n’ dearest just fills me with happiness.

As a London lass, I crave time outside the city. Taking a break even for a few days does wonders. No hectic commutes, no sense of constant urgency and a little less grey. Don’t get me wrong, London is a right babe in her own way, but I equally love the wilderness. The deep forest dwelling, starry nights sky and mud covered shoes.

Center Parcs Longleat Forest

Center Parcs Longleat Forest

As I have uploaded a cheeky vlog over on ma Yoootooob, I thought I would share some of my favourite snaps from the week with ya. It has become tradition to have an annual mini photo shoot with my love and companion Mett (see last years here) to mark our anniversary. As ya can probs see, the weirdness has most definitely increased!

Center Parcs Longleat Forest

Center Parcs Longleat Forest

Center Parcs Longleat Forest

So graceful >:)

Center Parcs Longleat Forest

Have you ever been to Center Parcs before?


Photos by my wonderful bro Oscar May.

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  • Ellie Adams

    Omg all of the warm, fuzzy feels. I’ve never considered Centre Parks before really but as soon as you mentioned parking up and leaving the world behind I’m like YES I’M THERE! You two are too cute <3


    • Teeheeee they are such warming snaps aren’t they!? Uh you would love it Elle, such a perfect get away – it gives me such peace I can’t get enough of it! It would be SO amaze to do a big ole blogger babes digital detox there, ALL the spa sessions, bike rides and cheese fondues etcetc. >:) Thank you for stopping by <3 Immy x

  • These photos are so bloody cute!!! I definitely need to check Center Parcs out xxx
    Sophie Cliff

    • oOoo thank you Sophie mi love <3 You do! You would fall in love with it! Such a lovely place just to stop and re-charge your batteries for a while. Immy x

  • Mandeville Sisters

    Never been to center parcs, but I have alwaaaays wanted to go. Such lovely photos!

    • You should definitely plan to go, or maybe just plan a mini stay-cation in the countryside? We are thinking about booking an Airbnb somewhere in the countryside in few months time, will be so nice! Thank you so much :) Immy x

  • You two are so cute! I’ve wanted to go to Center Parcs for so long but it’s so bloody expensive!

    Nicola //

    • Oooh thank you Nicola! Love a good snap with him haha, it is V rare! I know right, I wish these things were a bit more affordable. I would totally recommend looking into ‘Forest Holidays, Deer Park’ if you fancied something more affordable but still amazing and relaxing. We went on the bank holiday weekend last May and it was SO lovely! Immy x

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’m going to Centre Parks for the first time in December for my sister’s eighteenth, so looking forward to it! Also, you two are SO bloody cute!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • OoOooh are ya my love? How friggin’ exiting, you will have the most wonderful time! Such a lovely idea for your sisters birthday too. What one are you going to? Thank you chick! Immy x

  • Aww you guys are sooo damn cute!! Glad you had a wonderful time :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • Aaaaaah thank you Lucy ma love. I wish we could go back, even just for a day haha! Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    OH YOU GUYS!! <3 This pictures are just so beautiful (your bro is an ABSO BABE) and it looks/sounds like you had the best time! I went to Centre Parcs when I was about 16 with my family and best friend and we honestly had the best time! We went in July and it was crazy hot for the UK so it literally felt like we were abroad – I really need to take a trip back!

    Hayley xo

    • OOOOOOOhh thank you mi lady!! He really is isn’t he haha! Such a bloomin’ talented fella. It really was such a lovely week :) It is so much fun isn’t it?! I would actually love to go in the summer, we always go in Jan – but I can imagine chillin’ by the lake and having BBQ’s outside the villa is so lush when the sun is shining! Immy x

  • Awh these pictures are the cutest!! I’ve never been to Centre Parcs but it sounds right up my street! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Fashion Lifestyle

    • Heheeeee thank you Frances! :) He is a lil sweetie. You would love it, it is just so nice and relaxing! Immy x

  • I absolutely love center parcs – I’ve been going ever since I was 1 years old (I spent my first birthday there haha), and I actually went for a week over the summer. The longleat forest one is just beautiful, and a place that’ll always be close to my heart!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Ah that is so sweet Lucy! Kinda similar to my fam, it is such a tradition! It is so nice to have somewhere that you can go and feel completely at ease. The place just fills me with calm! I would love to go in the summer one year! Immy x

  • These pictures are the cutest! Definitely want to go out and exploring now! I would love to visit Centre Parcs xo

    McKenzie |

  • Hannah Williams