On Switching Off


I’m gonna be totally honest with myself here.

I spend FAR too much time infront of a screen. It is getting ridic and I’m pretty sure I have a internet addiction, lol.

A huge chunk of my life is spent online, and it is taking up a hella lot of head space. It is almost impossible to focus my attention on one thing for more than a few minutes. A lil bit worrying, no?

When I look back in 30 years time, 53 year old Immy probs ain’t gonna care about numbers on a screen and whether it has a ‘k’ next to it or not. She won’t celebrate the amount of likes or comments. She would wanna sit her younger self down and tell her to get a grip and put her bloomin’ phone away for 2 secs. And probably to focus of having a laff and eating more cake, I’d imagine.


The interwebz isn’t a bad thing. It gives us the freedom to create and connect with people everywhere, at anytime. It is magic, but has a pesky way taking over your mind, if ya let it.

As a blogging lass, it’s an odd one. A catch 22 between wanting to grow a career and swapping my phone for a Nokia 3310. The frustration that your worth is measured in numbers, but the realisation that this is the key in moving onwards and upwards. It is crazy, isn’t it?

I wanna rewind 10 years when our family computer had 5 users, and if I was lucky I would get maybe 20 mins on Sims. No phones, which meant using only our weird little brains to entertain ourselves. We would create hour long performances (soz ma & pa), make dens in the woods and hang out with half the school year daaan the beach. Our imagination would run wild and we would be active and present, always.

I feel the need to revitalise that way of life, obv’s in a sassy twenty summin’ kinda way. I need to let my mind wander again, take a lil brain breather and reconnect with my imagination and creativity.


This weekend we ventured down to Somerset to see the fam, the perf time for a digital detox. People throw around ‘digital detox’ a lot, but I was genuinely interested to see how I’d get on without it all.

I put time aside on Friday to schedule a few bits, then put my phone away and shut down the computer. Of course, I whipped my phone out to take some snaps / send a couple of texts over the weekend but that was about it.

Despite ALL the prosecco and cheese boards, I came away feeling refreshed. Meal times and cosy afternoons in pubs were spent catching up on life and antics with the family, strolls on the beach with Matt’s hand in mine and chinwags over breakfast all without my phone. It felt good to embrace the company of others, and just being without whippin’ my phone out every other minute.

Naaat gonna lie, it was pretty tough to resist checking notifications and snappin’ errythang, but I managed it.


It’s not just me who feels like this… At least I hope not! If you are kinda hating on yourself for spending too much time inside your phone, here are ma pointers to get some more head space.



Choose a corker of a book. If you commute to work, use that train time to get lost in the pages (without missing your stop hehe). My pal gets through a book (or more) each week on her journey, which I find amazing. Books keep your mind fresh and inspired. They also give you that little nugget of headspace before you start your day, or drift off to sleep. Or anytime, for that matter! I have a few favourites of mine that I will stick in my November Love List, so keep your eyes peeled for them.



Even just one evening a week, find some time for yourself. If that’s a long shower or LUSH filled bath, gym class, spending a little longer cooking dinner, or the classic tea, bed and book combo. No Instagram scrollin’, just your own time to mull through your day at your own pace.



We all lead busy lives and most of us have a pretty strict routine that we like to stick to. However, making the conscious effort to be spontaneous does wonders. Take chances, opportunities and say yes. Spontaneity and breaking your routine gives you life, makes you think on your feet and always creates new adventures.



If you blog, or your career is based online, schedule. Plan in advance, allow yourself chunks of time to plan content, shoot, edit and line it up. It takes organisation, but it will be worth it once you have it cracked. This means that you won’t work round the clock, freeing up your time offline. This is a work in progress for me, as I work full



I read a lovely post all about this on Hannah’s blog. She explains it better, but it’s about letting your mind to wander, taking a step back and making some room for inspiration and creativity. It is important to feel bored, because as Hannah says, boredom, it seems, is the gateway to brilliance. I love ya HG.

I would REALLY love your tips too. How do you let your mind take a break?


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