10 Things That Happen When You Move In Together


It has almost been a WHOLE BLOOMIN’ YEAR since I moved in with mi boyfriend Matt. Time really does fly, doesn’t it?

Not gonna lie, it was a scary transition. It dawned on my that oh jezos am I actually a legit adult now? Isn’t there some sort of exam you must pass? Is this actually my own home… Our home?

To be fair, I answered the door to someone in my dressing gown the other day and they asked if my parents were in. So probs not quite there yet.

Anyway, living with a boyf. A new chapter of your life that is crazy exciting, amazing and a little bit nerve-racking. There are so many what if’s and the slight possibility that it could go all go t*ts up. When making the decision after almost a year together, we figured that at least if it didn’t work out, we know sooner rather than later… right?

Thankfully it worked out pretty nicely.

I have loved every moment living with my best chum, starting and ending every day in laughter, making normal life just that little bit more bright. <3

You might live with your other half already, you might have NO interest in this whatsoever or you might be thinking about making the move. If so, here 10 things that may just happen hehe. Enjoy!



I know, diving in at the deep end here. However, this was legit something I was scared about. I think this sort of ‘fear’ is normal… my friend Hayley even made this video (loool) after I told her about my woes. Funnily enough, one of our house warming presents from Matt’s mum was a heart shaped sign for the bathroom door that read ‘POO ROOM’ on it. I laughed so hard I wept, but it broke the ice. There is no hiding when you live in a flat together. You look after each other regardless of the issue. Food poisoning happened within the first few weeks, so that was fun. Sh*t happens, literally.



We ain’t just talkin’ about bright and early Sunday IKEA shops oh no, things get serious. Next thing you know you’ll be strolling around John Lewis like #ballers choosing a coffee machine as a gift to each other for Christmas. SO worth all those delicious weekend morning frothy coffees tho.



I am always victim to FOMO. I hate missing nights out / random adventures / any social ting that I can’t make for some reason. It is still important to make time to let your hair down with the gals / guys but nights in with yo’ other half are nice too. I can’t think of anything better than cooking something comforting (baked camembert) or getting a takeaway, cracking open a bottle of wine and just chillin’ with each other.



Or you might already be a fan of football, if so ignore this point. But you would have never of caught me sitting on the edge of my seat making those ‘OOFFFT’ and ‘AWWW COME OONNNN!’ kinda noises at the TV before living with Matt. For a while I buried my head in my laptop whilst the game was on, but now I actually enjoy a good game of football. #liverpoolforlife #whatismylife?



In fact, he will probably have more clothes that you do. Have a think about extra storage and where you might be able to keep all your garms without them being squished into a chest of drawers / at the bottom of a wardrobe *weeps*. The plus side to this is that you can wear his jumpers when you fancy it, style up some of his shirts and maaaaaaybe even wear boxers from time to time. Trrrrust me on this one, comfiest pants you will ever find. Ever.



You probably know by now that I am a weird person. Initially I wasn’t sure Matt would understand but I was so wrong. When you live with each other the weirdness walls come down very quickly. Strange habits, voices, names, conversations. It is hilarious, but from an outsiders view it is VERY odd. Just the way I like it.



You will host dinner parties like actual adults. Have I turned into my parents? I’m not sure. But it is really nice to whip up a corker of a roast / have a big ole fajita night with friends in your own gaff. We even had a Halloween dinner party, we carved pumpkins and everything. YOU KNOW WHERE THE PARTY’S AT.



Ok so you see each other every day. But it is completely different sitting around eating dinner in your dressing gown / doing the washing / cleaning the bathroom than actual dating. You still need to fancy each other, keep the relationship fun and not your leaking sink get in the way of that. Dress up and go out for dinner, have a spontaneous adventure, go for brunch, have a weekend away. Aim to have ‘date night’ every few weeks.



Much more than ever before. You share errythaaang. Not only the general bits like food, dollar, toilet roll etc. You are each others support system. You take care of each other no matter what, going out of your way just to make their day easier. Even their ‘ladmin’ (lad admin) like ironing shirts and pairing their socks. Yup, s’all part of the deal.



The moments where you suddenly think oh sweet jeepers I live with the BOY in our own flat, who I share a room with and oh ma daaays suddenly you and your 13 year old self are freaking out. But it’s all good, in fact it might just be the best thing you’ve ever done. N’awwwh *sicksinmouth*

What are your thoughts?! I would LOVE to know if you agree with these and what your experience has been.

  • I love this post. I’m so glad it went so well for you this year! It’s not always the case but at least this gives me hope that when the time comes for me, there are high chances it will fantastic if it’s with the right person.
    Also, dinner parties and staying in with wine or cookies (or both) is LIFE. I maintain that I am an 82 year stuck in a 20 something year old student’s body.


    • Thank you my love :) I am too! It is such a scary thing! Of course, once the right person comes a long it will be the best thing. YES I am so glad you are with me on this one! Yup. Always. Slippers, dressing gowns and cookies over heels and shots any day >:) Immy x

  • I was smiling along to your points hehe. I’ve been living with hubby for about 4 years now and it definitely was a transition! From splitting up the chores, having different sleeping patterns and sharing the TV remote! I agree with having date nights to have something to look forward too and get out of the house :)

    Hanh | Hanhabelle

    • eeep! Oh amazing! It really is isn’t it!? Yup, I am lucky that he opted to take out the bins each week if I did the washing hehe, #blessed >:) Definitely! We were actually thinking of trying out alphabet dating lol, have you tried it? Seems like such fun! Immy x

      • Haha the bins, I hate putting them out!! I just looked up Alphabet dating, that looks so fun – have to look into trying that :) xx

  • ninegrandstudent

    YES, boxers are the comfiest things ever! Totally agree with all of these, the last few months since we moved in together have been a blast! Still need to host a dinner party though, we keep planning one but never setting a date! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Aaaah so happy to find someone who feels the same way! Literally the best pants ever. It is so lovely isn’t it?! I am sure you guys would host the best dinner party too! Immy x

  • Awwwww, I’m excited for the nights in! x


    • It is SO nice Hannah! Complete with baked camembert and wine hehe :) Immy x

  • Hahahaha the poo video is hilarious. And yep, definitely feel your woes there. We’ve been together 5 years, lived together for 2 and I STILL take my phone to the loo and play loud music for the entire duration (not subtle but still). Dinner parties are the best! Middle aged life has come early for us ;) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • I know hahaha! It is amazing, so bloody true as well! They are, I am prematurely middle aged and proud >:) Immy x

  • Rosy Flynn

    Haha, yup, toilet fear disappeared in my house a long time ago, I also love the added weirdness that comes with living with your other half, it’s pretty fun :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    • loooooool it is quite liberating, isn’t it? It is! I love the madness, so much fun! Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    Ahhhh I LOVE this post girl! Ben and I are saving up to move out next year and this post has put my mind at ease – so thank you! <3

    Hayley xo

    • Oooooooooooh that is so exciting mi love! It will be the most amazing adventure, you guys will have the best time making a home together I’m sure :) Look forward to reading all about it hehe! Immy x

  • Adaleta Avdic

    I definitely like football now + I UNDERSTAND it! Who would’ve thought!? xx adaatude.com

    • I know LOL! Still not sure if I quite understand the offside rule though! Immy x

  • I know it’s not related but I love the photo with the #2 Harry Potter’s flying car! Hosting dinner parties are my jam! I love doing that since I’m living with the bf. I also enjoy a lot more our date nights since we have so many nights in watching Netflix or playing board games! x
    Clem ravacholle.blogspot.com

  • This so funny… I love hearing about other peoples experiences with the big move-in. Do you have any tips about avoiding getting on each others toes? Thats what I’m worried about!

    Emma | Fashion Photographer and Model | http://www.emmanmh.com

    • Looool it is such a funny time! Are you about to make the big move? I would say to definitely prioritise still having time to yourself. Make sure you have nights out with the gals, encourage him to have nights out with the lads. It can be SO easy to stay in aaaaall the time when you move in together, which is so so nice but it is equally important to get time to yourself often! Immy x