Sleepovers, Royal Fam & Fish ‘n’ Chips


After a prrretty wild first weekend (initiation) in London with Emily, we were more than ready to take it down a notch.

We spent most of Sunday snuggled on the sofa with tea and Disney films (the best), whilst Matt whipped up a corker of a roast… How the bloomin’ ek did I get so lucky?

We do love having our own abode with a spare room for friends and fam to kip in, but there’s something so nice about a hotel stay that makes things just that bit more glam. The lovely team at Mercure London Bridge invited us to stay for the night, giving us the perf opportunity for some late night exploring.

Mercure is about a stones throw away from the South Bank, with is probs my fave spot in all of London. In the mood for a late night adventure, the hotel staff kindly sorted us out with two mugs of hot choc to warm our hands whilst we strolled down to the riverside to see the sights… It was all very romantic. But really, if you are showing a newbie around London, definitely take them to the South Bank either late at night or early in the morning. They will LOVE it.

When there is no one around, no tourists or selfie sticks, it is just so incredibly calm. The buildings are all beautifully lit and UH my heart. It is one of those places where you just think ghad damn, this is such an amazing city, LDN I love u.

After a lovely stroll up and down the South Bank, we made our way back to the room, pulled on our jim jams and hopped into our beds. It was kinda nice to have a sleepover,  taking me back to 2k06, nattering till one of us ‘rests our eyes’, lol. We slept SO well. The hotel rooms are lovely and comfy with everything you need (robes, slippers & snaz coffee machine inc).



We woke up to glorious blue skies, hungry and ready to explore the South bank in daylight. Emily tried her first taste baked beans, I gobbled all the mushrooms and fried tomatoes (woes of being a veggie in a English Fry up situ) and we set off into the sunshine.



I am IN LOVE with my new Boden coat. It is so comfortable and warm, just feels like I’m receiving a big bear hug all the time which is just the way I like it.



^ u l t i m a t e tourist shot.

Just as we started to head back, crowds started to gather.

I don’t usually stop to see whats gwarnin’, but the tourist in me decided to be inquisitive and BY JOVE it was only the bloody Royal Family! I can’t think of a more perfect way to introduce Emily to England IMAGINE THAT. Feeling pretty damn special we skipped all the way home to freshen up before heading down to Brighton for the evening.


We pulled in to Brighton just as the sun was about to set. It was raining cats and bladdy dogs so we ran to the nearest stop, grabbed umbrellas (it was all a bit of a palava) and ran down to the beach to watch the show.



It was worth the run.



Even though covered in pebbles, Brighton Beach is one of my favorites in England. It is just such a lovely place to reflect and relax at all times of year. As the sun finally dipped below the horizon, we set out on the search for fish ‘n’ chips. We found em’ pretty quick. Emily was a fan. Full on greasy goodness it was time for our first time on Brighton Pier after dark.

It is SO beaut at night, once you pass through the m e n t a l arcade it is so nice n tranquil… Again the PERF date teehehe. We strolled our way up through the lanes making a pit stop in the Twisted Lemon (BEAUT, cheap cocktails, I highly recommend) then headed back up to London.


I also filmed the whole ting, I would LOVE it if ya had a ganders and gave me some feedback! It is all a bit awks as I get used to it, but I really enjoyed filming so fingers crossed I will keep it up.


As always, feel free to come and say ‘ello over on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin, YouTube and Snapchat (immymay)

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Every single visit to London is always a special one to me because goddamn is is beautiful! Looks like you and Emily had a looovely time in the Southbank, that has got to be my favorite part of London too! I’ve never been to Brighton before but would love to one day. :)

    • It is SO beaut, it is easy to forget that when you live here! It was so much fun, love reminiscing on it now <3 I miss her so much! You would LOVE Brighton, make sure you catch the train down next time you are over – it is so much fun! Immy x

  • What a lovely post and the photos are so pretty. I am so gutted I haven’t managed to find my way down to Brighton yet but whenever people post about it it looks so gorgeous!
    Your post actually made me fancy some beans or chips some time soon :D
    I’m going to watch your video now, but I felt like commenting first. You look so happy and like you had such a wonderful time! And I will take you up on that South Bank recommendation and go at a time when hardly any tourists are around :D

    Jenny Side Up

    • Thank you so much lovely Jenny! :) Ah yes you HAVE to go down soon, it is one of my favourite places. Oooh I hope you enjoy the video! I was kinda nervous about it lol! Yes it really is so lovely and calm :) Thank you for stopping by! Immy x

      • No need to be nervous, I really liked it! :) x

  • Aww loved the vlog, great job! So weird to see you moving rather than just in pictures haha (weird comment). One important question though – where were the mushy peas?? :O xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • Aaaaah thank you Lucy! I was so nervous to put it up, it is a really odd transition from sitting ere typing to actually talking into a camera lens – fingers crossed it will get less awks the more practice I get haha! I know, I always think that too when someone starts YouTube for the first time, I always find the voice is totally different to what I expected haha! I KNOW, I forgot :( NEXT TIME! Hope you are well lovely lady :) Immy x

  • Patricia Stelmach

    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing!

    Patricia / Patricia Stelmach

    • Thank you Patricia! :) Such a beautiful day out. Thank you so much for stopping by! Immy x

      • Patricia Stelmach

        No worries, would you like to follow each other?

  • Taislany

    its looks lovely, I want to the the same with my friends <3 o/



    • Thank you lovely lady! You definitely should :) so much fun! Immy x

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Looks like an amazing time! Aren’t Disney movies the best?! What’s your fave? :)

    Edye |

  • Discovered your lovely blog via Little Miss Katy – looking forward to a giant catch up, love it!

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