September Love List


Oh September, you’re a bit of a babe aren’t ya?

It didn’t feel like September for a little while. More like ‘Sautummer’ (term stolen from Rosie). Sorta like summer, sorta like autumn. We had beast of a heatwave that kinda rained on my OH HAI autumn #psl #knittederrything parade. Then all of a sudden BAM here we are, in my fave season of the year.

The crisp blue sky and golden sunshine flooding through burnt orange leaves just makes me so happy.

As always the month has rushed past, but it has been a loada fun. I really enjoy writing ma monthly love lists. It is a great way to look back on the past four weeks and reflect on those little moments and discoveries that have made made me smile. Here goes!




Right at the start of the month, me and Mumma went to see the Handlebards perform in the park Streatham Rookery. The funny thing is, I would have known NOTHING about this place if it wasn’t through word of mouth. We got a corker of a picnic from M&S #ballin’ and watched such an incredibly talented group of lads perform Much Ado About Nothing. I belly laughed the whole way through. Even if you aren’t a Shakespeare fan I would definitely recommend it.




Ok, maybs this is a controversial one because argghmaghad what the bijeebus has happened to the TV show that makes everything right in the world?! Why would they do this to us, will the BBC make a bigger and better baking shoe with Mazza, Mel and Sue? I hope so. But woes aside, I have been LOVING it this year. Everyone just needs that midweek culinary pick me up. Who’s your fave?




I’m not gonna lie. I spend far too much dollar on various hot beverages. It makes me sad every time I walk into a coffee shop and spend over £2 on that hot, delicious liquid. That could get me like 6 Freddo’s maybe. Bloody London. Anyways, thanks to a tip off from Chris, I have discovered the Waitrose card. A cheeky lil way to get decent coffee for free. I know, I feel like I have saved about £129837 already. YAAAS.



One of my fave internet ladies Niomi released her first recipe book. How incredible is that?! I think it is amazing how bloggers / Youtubers are reaching new heights and achieving incredible things. Eat Smart is a lovely read and packed full of the most damn tasty, healthy and easy recipes. Check it.




I need to do this FAR more often. We left London and drove down to Winchester to see my best pal Ellen and her Boyf in their new flat. We had dinner, caught up, drank wine then explored the beautiful city in the autumn sunshine the next day. It was dreamy and so nice to escape London for a little while. I miss that small town kinda vibe.



I went to dinner with some of my fave bloggers at Zizzi’s last week. We drank cocktails, skinny prosecco and ate SO much good food. It was lovely to chinwag and share stories round a table rather than via da interwebz. Made me feel so lucky to be in such a supportive, amazing community full of inspiring women. Special shout out to the babe that is Elle (TheElleNextDoor) for the invite and for sharing a beaut gluten free pizza with me. #represent.




Digging out all mi autumnal gems from my wardrobe, wearing ankle boots and blanket scarfs again has made me SO happy. Also, ALL the fluffy bed socks, an everyday essential from now on >:)

What are your September highlights? How is it OCTOBER already?! So much to look to look forward to this month, my gal pal Emily from NYC who I haven’t seen in THREE WHOLE YEARS is coming to stay for 10 days and we might be going to Paris and I might be starting up my YouTube. Lots of fun blog posts to come hopefully!


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