Life Update


Nothin’ fancy on the ole blog today, just fancied a catch up wit ya!

I’m currently sat ere’ at work  warming my hands with a cuppa T, craving a few squares (bar) of some sort of sea salt chocolate after a super busy few weeks.

Not sure if I have mentioned (or if you have read my blog for that long), but a few summers ago I took off to NYC for three months on my tod. It was M E N T A L, I was 20, I had no chums and no actual job (lol). I chuckle at it now and think cor blimey gal that was bloody brave pat on the back for u. And it was very brave. There were moments where I was totally overwhelmed by this huge city in a country I had never visited in ma life.

My time in the U S of A is a whole other story, but  during my summer I met one of my most precious gal pals. The gal pal who you have probably seen dotted across my Instagram feed because she came to stay in London with me for 10 days. YAAAAAS.


After three whole years I was a little bit nervous. Worried that we might not get along or we had completely changed as people. But nope, she really is one of dem pals for life. The type of chum that you don’t see for a decade but you just pick up where ya left off like it was yesterday. I love those kinda friends.

We had ALL the fun, got our tourist owwwnnn, checked out ma fave foodie spots, explored Brighton for the evening to catch sunset and eat fish ‘n’ chips AND went to Paris for the day. (We also took about 128937 pictures of each other) It kinda sounds like a series of amazing dates, doesn’t it? Soz Matt >:)

Ain’t it funny that something you can look forward to for such a long time can be over before you know it? It makes me sad but also SO excited to start planning other adventures.


Sorry I have been a little quiet on the blog front, I have OODLES of new posts all about our adventures that I want to tell you about! I am giving YouTube a go (EEP) so I now have vlogs to go along with my posts. LOL. I will attempt to edit them over the weekend and get them out next week. Can you tell I’m a bit nervous?

What have you been up to, what have I missed?


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