Autumnal Afternoon in Paris


Oh sweet Paris. The city that captures the romance in our hearts, is home to ALL the cheese, beautiful buttery pastries and chic, sassy errythang. My kinda place.

I (like quite a few others, probz) remember Paris like any 12 year old on a school trip would. Sipping thick chocolat chaud (sounds SO much better than hot choc, right?) with my pals whilst gazing up at the glittering Eiffel Tower, visiting Disney Land (obvs) and not much else. I have been meaning to go back and explore as a grown lass for a while.

As my USA home gal Emily was only over in Europe for a short while, she was desperate to nip over to Paris for the day. y’know, Casual.

This sounded pretty mental to me (it was) but why not? It really is SO close. We hopped on the Eurostar at dawn and within a few hours BAM here we were, in the centre of the most beautiful city, washed in that hazy golden morning light.


I’m gonna be completely honest here. Our day is Paris didn’t go as shmmoothly as we had hoped. Firstly, we spoke no french (lol) and didn’t know how to navigate the city. In short, we got lost and confused. But it’s alright because I was in Paris with one of my bestest pals, we just laughed through the madness.

We started our day strolling through a VERY beaut Jardin des Tuileries, just ahead of The Louvre. It was so serene and beautiful with the crisp leaves and soft autumnal sunshine. I really love how the ponds are lined with seats, such a perfect spot for snoozing in the sunshine.


Obviously I was just so overwhelmed with the beauty of it all that I couldn’t take a photo (I legit thought I was Belle from Beauty and The Beast #noshame).


Tour Eiffel is just more majestic than I will ever be.


We found a pretty sassy place to shoot a few snaps too.




We were in desperate search of some sort of delicious pastry and strong coffee.

As inexperienced Parisian ladies about town, we didn’t find what we were really looking for unfortunately and would LOVE some recommendations of where to try next time!

paris3 paris12

We eventually made our way down to the River Seine to hop on our boat tour, which was absolutely dreamy and I really recommend it, especially for a first timer.


It was just so lovely to sit and watch the monuments glide on past, appreciate and take it all in. Blissful.


After a relaxing few hours, we had some time before heading up the tower.

We bought pretty average macarons #doitforthegram and relaxed beneath the tower. I can imagine is is SO lovely in the summer for a cheeky picnic and bottle of wine, the only downside is the hoards of men trying to sell you souvenirs. I really, really didn’t fancy 5 Eiffel tower key rings for 1 Euro for the 102938th time. lol.


Heading up the Eiffel Tower is a beautiful experience, especially as the sun is just starting to set.

You really see the city in all its beauty, stretching out in front of you. There is something lovely about the lack of sky scrapers, it just adds magic to the old romantic Paris, unique and breathtaking just the way it is.



We zoomed back down, just as the sun set over Pairs.


The journey back was c r a z y, messy and made me a bit of an anxious mess BUT we made it on time (just) to our Eurostar and tucked up in our beds with a cuppa T by midnight.

Conclusion? Paris is dreamy, hectic and requires planning. Stay the night, take your time and avoid the tourist spots if ya can. And rink lots of wine / eat lots of cheese.


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