Throwback Thursday


There’s summin’ about exactly this time of year that makes me feel nostalgic.

The soft autumnal breeze, falling leaves and twilight evenings transport me back to that same feeling every time. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but I like it.

Although, can we just talk about the WOES of shooting blog posts after work in autumn? Bladdy nightmare (hence sitting under a street lamp in the middle of the road) the struggle is real. Oscar somehow manages to make it look kinda cool, the genius.


‘Tis the time for fresh starts. The first day of high school, college, university or a brand spanking new job. It is the time where anything and everything is possible, there is a new chapter ahead with new friends, crazy adventures and opportunities to be discovered. It is pretty darn exciting ain’t it?

I do kinda miss the whole (V important) process of buying fresh stationary / bag / shoes / IKEA goods ready for new September ventures. A new Roxy backpack, scented gel pens, Berol handwriting pens or EVEN a fountain pen if you were feeling sassy.

I remember am school days like it was yesterday (GHAD that makes me feel old). Endless sleepovers, making up dances as a legit Friday night activity, drinking Lambrini down ‘the front’ (the beach). Can you tell I grew up on the Isle of Wight?

Music has the ability to transport you back to those exact moments. The snippets of time (however insignificant) that somehow engrave in your mind forevs.


I am working on a project with HMV and thought I would make a corker of a playlist full of all the bangers. Year 9 house party anthems, Bebo flash box faves and some college antics and university freshers circa 2011. I couldn’t focus on just one period of my life, so this is just a complete jumble of all the songs that I just LOVE.

Check it out here (all are available here also!)

I am just going to put bladdy hilarious collage here because LOL. Dem poses  (top right) are everything. We used to roll down hills in sleeping bags for the sheer joy of it, and chase each other around the streets with shaving foam wearing bin bags. I MISS CHILDHOOD.


What tunes bring you back to your younger days?


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This is in collaboration with  HMV, however the love of Artful Dodger, Seana Paul and Cassie are entirely my own. And sitting in the road for the purpose of blog photos, lol.