Date Night, Union Street Cafe


When you share an abode with your other half, all that sassy ‘dating’ mystery disappears pretty quickly. 

You probably know exactly what I’m talkin’ bout. Gone are the days of sprucing myself up in a Starbucks toilet beforehand, outfit planning, shaving mi legs on the reg, NEVER talking about anything to do with anything gross (LOL that didn’t last long at all). I guess I miss proper date nights a bit.

There’s something different about an actual date that makes time with ya loved one just a bit more precious. Just the two of you basking in the ambiance, drinking crisp white wine, treating yourself to lovely food with no washing up. Perf.

Anyway, on to the restaurant. I was kindly invited to review the Union Street Cafe by CitizenM Magazine, Gordon Ramsay’s Italian style restaurant in Southwark.


It is a V glam warehouse, the kind of New York style chic, hip, sassy gal in the city kinda vibe.

Until I decide to take a snap in the toilet, lol. Who do I think I am?


I arrived early so I had a spare few minutes to take a look around before the fella arrived.

The hum of soft jazz was soothing, the lighting was soft (all very hygge) and the place sat perfectly in the middle of being a special business dinner spot and a perfect place for a date or maybe a few cocktails with the ladies.

Matt arrived and the lovely staff showed us to our table. First thing offered was an espresso martini. Forget about bread and water. I said yes, even though it was a school night and I have not yet reached that level of sass. They did offer though, would be rude not to.


Oh man, it went down SO so well. Sweet and strong. Can’t go wrong.

On to table water and crusty bread and oil like a normal human.


We chatted through our days whilst pondering over the menu.

I’m not gonna lie, as lovely as everything was – the menu was a little hard to read.

Not impossible, just not completely easy on the eye. We decided to ask our waiter what was good, and went with that.


Que the classic birds eye view snap whilst boyf sits patiently waiting to dig in. He was ready to pounce, I knew it.


OH GO ON THEN. hehe.

To start, we had mozzarella wrapped in parma ham, Matt thought this was was DE-LISH. The aranchini pizzaiola balls were tasty, however I wouldn’t jump to order again, same for the traditional tomato bruchetta, it is an Italian classic but didn’t stand out as a winner. I would recommend trying something a little more adventurous.


The courgette flowers ‘fritti’ with ricotta and summer truffle was wonderful, crisp and fresh – I have ALWAYS wanted to try them! Definitely go for some of these babies!

After swiftly clearing our plates we moved onto the mains.


My main of tuna was absolutely INCREDIBLE. The tuna was possibly the best I have ever tasted. Without sounding too much like a typical restaurant review, it really did melt in my mouth. Paired with the crunch of scattered nuts, sweet fig, shallots and balsamic dressing, it really was special. Even thought it was a bit on the pricey side, I would definitely order it again. OH MAMMA.

Matt went for the pasta, a posh spag bol he called it. He said it was good, but not bloomin’ ek my mouth is having a PARTAY kinda good, if that makes any sense at all?

After we had finished, our lovely waiter actually took us to go and see the chef. I felt a little bit like I might have actually turned into Gordon Ramsay (lol, IMAGINE) but it was really nice to have a peak behind the scenes. Obviously pictures were taken, it was all very exciting.


We settled the bill and headed downstairs to finish off our wine snug on a comfy chaise lounge. Makes a difference to tea on our IKEA sofa.

Also, the downstairs bar is SO deamy. Definitely head down for a drink before / after dinner, it really is lovely.


All in all, we had a gorgeous evening. The atmosphere was beautiful, wine flowed and the food was top notch.

It is a little more pricey, but not completely over the top. If you have a special occasion coming up, it would be perfect.

Find the full details here.


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