20 Quick Mood Boosters

Quick pick me ups Immy May

Down days, we all have ’em.

Maybe it’s that time of the month where you just feel slightly anxious and uneasy (F U hormones, ya pesky cretins), or maybe you had a bladdy rubbish day at werk, or maybe y’know you just aren’t feeling 100% at the mo.

We have a habit of putting SO much pressure on ourselves that when we have off days, we feel like we’ve failed. But it is completely normal, healthy in fact. Everyone needs TLC, like my G’ma always says, don’t burn the candle at both ends. So there, take some time out if you aren’t feeling top notch, you need it.

I’ve made up a list of 20 things that lift my mood (and I hope lift yours, too). Try and give them in no particular order. I guarantee you will feel like a lovely, sparkly version of you again in no time!

Immy May Mud Cafe Tooting


Bev of Choice

A warm mug of something comforting does wonders, so does a cool glass of something comforting (Prosecco – teehee). There is just a lovely feeling of tea / coffee that is soothing. The moment ya start feeling stressed, get up and make tea / head out to grab coffee. The mini break combined with a mug of something delicious will ease your mind.



If I find myself in some sorta creativity slump, reflection and perspective works a treat. You are never wasting time by browsing through old blog posts / work or photographs. Get inspired by the best version of you. Realise how bossin’ you actually are and how much you have achieved and grown. It is far too easy to forget all the small wins you have accomplished. U go gal.


Good, Hearty, Feel Good Grub

When I am having a down day, I feel pretty rubbish in myself over all. Full of cold, sluggish (great word) and just at around 35%.  Treat yourself to a corker of a homemade meal or take yourself for a sexy brunch (preferably the one below). Oh, and drink ALL the water. It is magic.



Make Plans With Pals / Fam

Give one of your best chums or family a call, catch up and make plans. Spending time with friends and family is one of the best remedies, so often we are wrapped up in our own worlds and forget our support network. If you haven’t spoken to your friends or family for a while, invite them round for dinner, head out for a stroll or grab some cocktails (if ya have some dollar) that’s what it’s all about.


Down Time With Books, Netflix, Disney and Documentaries, Just Coz

Stick on your PJ’s, pop your hair up and get completely stuck into something new. A book you’ve been meaning to read, a fresh series on Netflix, your fave Disney movie (ahem, Aladdin) or maybe a documentary. David Attenborough surely has the most soothing voice on the planet, no? Don’t worry if you aren’t being productive for a few hours, it is absolutely fine to do something that purely makes ya happy and content.


Be Completely In The Present

When trying to learn and appreciate the concept of mindfulness (lol), I learnt that whatever mood you find yourself in, to linger there just for a moment. Realise what it is that’s making you feel shoddy, then let it go. Simples. On your walk home appreciate your surroundings, look up, stop and watch the sunset, appreciate the sweeeet sweet smell of that curry house on the corner of your road. It is the little things.




This is one pretty obvious. People always ask if there’s times when I’m not smiling. There is, obvs when I am sleeping (now THAT would be weird) but it is rare. I love a grin, especially in London people don’t look too chirpy most of the time. When someone smiles back it makes my day, and knowing I might have made theirs makes me feel all warm n fuzzy inside. Also smiling is actually proven to make you feel happier, so there’s that.


Have an Old School Pamper Sesh

A touch of TLC is sometimes all a gal needs. Dedicate time (put it in your diary if you need to) for an evening at home and a full on session. cut, file and paint your nails, exfoliate, tan, deep condition your hair n maybe even pluck your eyebrows. It will make you feel sassy and like you are ready to go take over the world again. Glass of Prosecco compulsory.


Tidy & Organise

Tidiness does not come naturally to me. Matt has helped me with this over the years (as he has to share a room with me, lol) and it really has made a huge difference. Give your home a once over, hoover, dust and if ya fancy it, give your make up bag a clear out, wash your brushes and do all of those little things we (or just me) rarely do. Eweeeee.


Have an Adventure (even just to the park…)

Stop what you are doing and leaving the house / office for even just 10 mins is just what you really need. Head to the nearest park, discover a new gem round the corner, take ya dog for a longer walk than usual. If you don’t have a dog, take yourself for a walk. Maybe there’s a reason dogs are so content all the time.



Get Those Endorphin’s Flowing

These lovely little nuggets of happiness come in many forms. Chocolate, wine but also exercise. It can be almost impossible to motivate yourself to get up and go but it is SO worth it once you do. I find that even gentle exercise like yoga or pilates works like a dream for my mood. Dedicating one hour of your day to stretch your body and concentrate on your breathing will make you feel completely refreshed. A good album and a jog round the park is pretty good too.


A Mini Digital Detox

Yaaaaaaaaz we’ve heard it all before, but trust me. Although social media is great (espesh for business/blogging) it is equally bad for your soul. When you find yourself refreshing your feed every 3 minutes and quietly comparing yourself to the world and his dog, it is time for a break. Leave your phone in your bag, close your laptop and forget about it all for a while, it will still be there when ya get back.


Buy Flowers

Not sure what it is, but there is something about having a fresh vase of flowers in your home that makes me just feel good. It makes me feel like a young lass that has her sh*t together enough to buy freshly cut flowers, even if they are £1.80 from Lidl hehe. Also LOL how I manage to hold my brick of a phone whilst doing EVERYTHING. What’s that about?

columbia road


Sweet Stuff

Grab yourself a cheeky Lindt Excellence with a touch of sea salt on the way home, boil the kettle, put on your bed socks and just savor that creamy goodness. Sometimes you need chocolate, like actually really, really NEED it.


Get Some Hygge

I am planning a whole separate blog post on this dreamy concept, hygge is my new fave thang. It is basically cosy time with your favourite people. Putting on your comfiest clothes, switching on all the lamps / fairy lights, lighting all the candles and feeling nice n snug on a dark evening, ooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah sooo nice.


Treat Yo’Self

I know, when you are poor buying new things maybe isn’t the key to happiness *weeps*. But I’m not talkin’ bout new shoes / clothes / Diptique candle. More along the lines of a little nugget to brighten your day a tad. Maybe a autumnal lipstick, Lush bath bomb, sexy smelling hair mask, a sweet Anthropologie mug. Gwarrrn, you deserve it.


Fresh Bed Sheets, Fesh PJ’s & An Early Night

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Ghad damn sweet lawd, this has got to be one my fave pleasures in life. Fresh sheets, fluffy pillows, PJ’s on and ready to hop into bed at 9:30 PM. How things change ay? This is now my idea of HEAVEN.


Baking & TUNES

Put the day behind you, grab a few ingredients, pre-heat the oven and BAKE. Preferably today, just before GBBO so you have a plate of warm cookies you can devour whilst watching. Pop on your go to feel good album / playlist and get stuck in. The house smells of fresh baking, Mary Berry is on telly and suddenly all is well with the world.


Express Yo’ Self

Kinda what I am doing right now. Pouring myself into the keyboard is one of my favourite things to do. Not at all planned, no new pictures, just me and my thoughts straight to ya. If you ain’t into all that blog stuff, just write it down. Get a fresh note pad and write, put whatever you are feeling onto paper, it will take a weight off your shoulders.


Surround Yourself With Positive People

The people who know and love you the most, who inspire you and who lift you up to the best version of yourself. Keep them by your side, if they aren’t right there with you, give them a call. If they are down the road, pop down for a cuppa T. Separate yourself from people that don’t make you feel good, it ain’t worth it.


CORR blimey, I feel better already! I would love to hear your thoughts, how do you get through a down day?


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