Macarons and Ice cream. One day some culinary genius was going come up with some dreamy combination of the two, it was just bound to happen.

The founder of Yolkin, Sammie was blessed with the skills of making the perfect macaron (trust, it is an art. I have been trying for years) but macarons use only egg whites, a huge waste when you are making a shed load. Sammie thought an eggcellent way to cut the waste was to use the yolks and whip up ice cream. Then maybe sandwich them together? Yep, sounds pretty damn good to me.

We headed down to Covent Garden yesterday morning to check it out.

isn’t CG just d r e a m y when the sun is shining?


The Yolkin crew pop up in different places all the time, there isn’t a shop as such, they just crop up with oodles of boxes of the goods, set up shop then close when they sell out. Simples.


The create different flavours each week. Earl Grey, Red Velvet, Almond Brittle. Uh, so good.

Matt went for the Eton Mess and I chose Melon, SO refreshing and dee-lish. A lot of ice cream, but when is that ever a problem?


The Eton Mess was a little too sweet for us, but still a laaavely little treat for British summer time.


We sat and gobbled them on the square, watching the world go by, magicians and general loveliness of London when the sun is shining.

Find Yolkin every Saturday and Sunday 12 – 4pm at Siam Eatery, 24 Wellington Street, WC2E 7DD. (As the location changes all the time, make sure you check here before heading down).


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