Wedding Attire


I remember chillin’ with my group of gal pals (we used to call ourselves the sexy 7 LOL) and chattin’ about the future, boys, weddings, dream homes.

We would have shaving foam fights wearing bin bags, sleepovers at each others houses pretty much every night consisting of all the mattresses on my lounge floor and SO MUCH HARIBO, meet up with boys on the DL and care FAR too much about making Bebo flashboxes and what colour fake hair flower we would buy next. Oh so wild.

We have all grown up quite a lot since then. In fact, the first of our group has just got hitched! It is crazy, amazing and SO bladdy exciting.

Although entering the next chapter of our lives is a teeny bit scary, the thought of the next 10 years or so being filled with weddings, hen do’s and a whole load of love ‘n’ happiness fills me with aaall the feels.


I was a bit stumped as to what to wear, there are just so many things to consider when choosing ya outfit ain’t there?

Can you ever trust a summer wedding in England? Can I dress like a Disney princess without it being too much? Can I find something pretty that will disguise my prosecco and cake induced bloat? It was going to be a challenge. I faced Oxford street in all its rush hour / school holiday glory, it was dirty, sweaty, feisty but I think I did it. What do you think?


After A LOT of deliberation, I went for a pretty much all New Look get up, I don’t know about you, but I think they are absolutely killin’ it at the moment.

Always the best (and most affordable) heels, beautiful tulle skirts that I am obsessed with recently (cheers to Hello Miss Jordan) and delicate, bright jewelry. After about 10 years not shopping in New Look, I have discovered a new found love for the place.

I mean, the heels did come off about 5 mins into the party, gal has to learn that flip flops are a hand bag essential for these tings.

It is all about tulle skirts for weddings. They are elegant, comfortable and hide the ever growing growing food baby just under the waistline. Winner.


If these garms tickle your pickle, find them below:

Light blue scuba laser cut out midi skirt £29.99 – here

Black wrap front body £18.00 – here

White tear drop stone necklace £9.99 – here

Black heels £30.00 – somewhere – here

Mammoth wedding day post to follow!

Are you off to any weddings this summer? I have another one at the weekend. Eeep!


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  • Ashley Christabelle

    You look stunning, Immy! I love how casual this look is, but the skirt makes up for the special occasion! x

    • Ah thank you so much Ashley! :) I wanted to go for a bit of both, just a little bit of sass but still feeling nice and comfortable! It is hard dressing for a wedding though isn’t it? Immy x

  • I love this look, Immy! You looks gorge <3 and the skirt is so pretty ^_~ that's so me too, hahaha! And I love the story in the beginning about the sexy 7! Hilarious! It's crazy how we're all 'grown up' now, when I literally still remember about moaning about school and now I have sort out ádulty' things… I haven't shopped in New Look for ages now, not since I was in uni (LOL) but those shoes look cooool. Are they comfy!

    Cherie | sinonym

    • Hehe thank you Cherie :) As are you! I am absolutely in love with the skirt, the material is perfect too! LOL it is pretty crazy isn’t it?! I feel like the years are just slipping past, next thing we know everyone will be turning 30! Crazyyyy! I know I literally never shop there either but they are amazing at the moment, so many lovely bits! Also, the shoes were comfy, but maybe too high for a wedding, I had to take them off so quickly! Defo taking a few inches off next time! Immy x

  • I think the necklace really glams up this very chic look! Gorgeous!

    My Little Online Space

    • I thought so too! Thank you so much Evie :) Immy x

  • Okay so Immy babes you genuinely could not look any more beautifully angelic if you had angel wings and a tiara. You look simply fucking incredible, woman!

    And holla about New Look…I really went off them for a while but so much of their clothing these days is hitting my right spots…and their shoes are amazing!

    Katie xx ¦

    • Ooooh Katie my looove that is so lovely of you! >:) Although a few drinks down and I was a sweaty bare foot mess on the D floor, it was nice whilst it lasted! Exactly, me too! Their shoes have always been the best haha! Can’t beat a sassy £20 pair of heels. Good luck with your new job by the way! :) Immy x

  • That’s a really cute look! I love the skirt. It looks dainty but structured. :) | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

    • Thank you so much Anne :) It was such a nice material – wet suit kinda feel, so strange but also really helped keep the structure! Immy x

  • Gorgeous outfit..I love the skirt!

    • Aaaah thank you lovely lady! Me too, need another occasion to wear it again! Immy x

  • That skirt is insanely gorgeous! Such a flattering silhouette and lovely delicate details!!


    • Thank you so much Gemma! It was also super comfy to wear to a wedding too, I could eat eerrrythang and it made no difference, winning! Immy x

  • Hannah Corrigan

    You are super gorgeous and really suit that stye of skirt!
    I have been to 0 weddings this year which makes me sad, I love a good wedding!
    Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Hannah x

    • Aaah that is so lovely of you Hannah :) Oh no! I’m sure the time will come where you are at a wedding most weekends, it is going to be crazy! You too lovely lady :) Immy x