Summer of Love


There’s nothin’ that makes me feel more warm ‘n’ fuzzy inside than seeing people wildly in love.

The past couple of weeks have been jam packed with weddings, old friends and family, it has been beaut.

I am currently sat at my desk still covered in glitter (YOLO) and reminiscing on one of the most magical weekends, a full blown festival wedding. How friggin’ amazing?!

We escaped London to the country as the sun burnt through the clouds, arriving in a field surrounded by woods, full of sequin adorned people, live music, lovely grub and absolute madness in the form of silent discos in the forest, mermaid parades, laughing yoga (the list goes on). We may have lost our minds a little bit, in the best way possible.

There is nothing better than laughing and dancing with amazing people around you, being completely yourself, letting that tough Londoner exterior melt away for a few days. I have come away from the wedfest having not only seen two amazing couples tie the knot, but feeling super refreshed and inspired.  Coz at the end of the day, all ya really need is love.

Here’s a lil preview snap of the antics from my bro Oscar May, more to follow…


Have you had any crazy wedding experiences this summer?


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