Pearl & Groove, Notting Hill


Discovering new gems that provide a good cuppa T and dreamy gluten free goodness is one of my fave things to do. Why? Because I am the happiest gal when around baked goods, especially when they are kind to my tum.

I know you also share my love for cake, tea and gluten free delights, so I am taking you along to Pearl & Groove to brighten up this grey Monday in London.

I  first discovered P&G last October at Stylist Live, I had a chinwag with Serena whilst devouring the most delicious banoffee cake (I even remember what cake it was, it was that tasty). Due to how badass P&G are, they have recently opened up shop in Portobello Road. Perfect little haven of dreams for GF (and non GF) cake lovers.

The Pearl & Groove cave of wonders is complete with a whole load of events including life drawing, flower crown making, exhibitions, comedy stand ups AND prosecco. What more could ya want?



^ Need this gem in my house. The shop has only been up and running for a few months and is already jam packed full of new art, foodie start ups and a whole load of cute bits and bobs.







All the dreamy lookin’ cakes are gluten free, made with almond flower as a  tasty alternative, I think I prefer it to standard flour anyways. They also bake super healthy refined sugar free and dairy free so nobody misses out on the fun.



All bakes are whipped up in the shop by the lovely Flo, so everything is super fresh and keeps emerging from the kitchen aaaall day long. Also, FYI they have Deliveroo so if you are in the area HELLO cake right to your door step. Absolute genius. Shame I live on the other side of London, but probably a blessing in disguise!


After ogling over everything in the shop, I settled down with an Earl Grey Tea cake and a matcha latte (oooh so fancy) it was a dream.




It also helps that Pearl and Groove is surrounded by pastel coloured streets like this.


Oh Notting Hill, I luv u.

If you fancy popping down for some P&G TLC, find them here.


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  • Kivevi

    Another one to add to my list of “places to visit on my next London trip”. Great post!

    • Hehe, you will love it Kivevi! Definitely mooch around Portobello Road market whilst you are there as well, it is amazing! Immy x

  • I love the way you write Immy, the food and your photos are both gorgeous! I have that brand of peanut butter at home haha. I like Earl Grey tea so the cake sounds good too! Thanks for sharing this gem hun xx

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • Ah thank you so much Hanh :) It is such a photogenic place! Pip & Nut are SO good aren’t they, I have mine straight from the tub! Ooom it was really lovely, but such a tough decision, I could have sat there and tried them all! My pleasure :) Immy x

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Oh my gooooosh, everything looks so scrumptious! And the mug that comes with your drink, so darn cute! xx

    • I think I could probably live there! So many cute little bits and bobs as well as all the amazing cakes. It was super cute, I also think the dutch courage espresso mugs could make great shot glass alternatives haha! Thank you for stopping by Ashley :) Immy x

  • wow this post made so hungry and wow Notting hill is such a dream!

    • I know, the pictures are making me SO hungry! I wish I lived there, it is so so beautiful, one day >:) Immy x

  • These little treats look amazing! Hopefully they open a store in NYC soon :)

    Check out my latest post l xoxo, Redhura

    • oOoooh that would be amazing, I’ll pass the word on! Immy x

  • Notting hill is beautiful!! It’s like a pastel dream!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

    • It is SO lovely, my goal is to live in one of dem beaut houses one day! Thank you for stopping by :) Immy x

  • I can’t believe I haven’t been here yet! Fabulous photos, I love the look of the Earl Grey tea cake too :) xx

    • Aaaaah you have to go Ayushi! It is the dream. Let me know what cake you choose if you pop down :) Immy x

  • Omg everything looks sooo cute and tasty!

    Happy Tuesday & Lots of Love,

    • It was SO bladdy lovely! Such a nice space just to hang out too! :) Immy x

  • Mmmmmm healthy cupcakes at Notting Hill! Now, I HAVE to try it out one day. I’ll be moving to UK soon, so we’ll be making a quick stop in London. My mom loves Notting Hill, so I’ll have to go there <3

    xx BASH |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    • Oooh yes, take your mum for cake and tea – she will love it! How exciting that you are moving to the UK! Eeep! Immy x

  • Omg everything looks so yummy and mouth-watering! Lovely post, and such pretty pictures! ♡

    Evelyn | BeautyCloud9

    • Ah thank you Evelyn! It was so delicious, I could of have stayed and tried each one! Hope you are well lovely lady! :) Immy x

  • I recently had Pearl & Groove cakes at a blogger event and they were delicious! So want to visit them now though! Jessie x

    • Oooh did ya! They are amazing aren’t they?! Yes you have to pop down, the events there are super cool too! Immy x

  • Rae

    Ooh i love that they do dairy free and refined sugar free too as I’m sensitive to both but usually have no will power when it comes to cakes! Will definitely be popping in next time I’m in the area!

    • It is so amazing isn’t it?! We need more places like this! Imagine being able to eat delicious cake and not feel rubbish after?! Let me know what you think :) Immy x

  • Yummy! You make me miss my old stomping ground!

    XOXO from Hong Kong,


    • Ah man, although I bet Hong Kong has some AMAZING cakes!? Immy x