Daisy Green, Portman Village


I was getting pretty tired of my Pret hang out.

Each break time I would stroll round the corner, sit down with mi cuppa English tea with milk (cheapest bev, a cuppa T at £1.70 *sheds tear*) and scroll various feeds until it was time to return to the office. SO bladdy boring, it was time to switch things up a bit.


My new mission is to explore mi local area and embrace all the foodie / coffee gems, trying my best to steer clear of chains – which is damn hard in central London! I am attempting to spend my lunch hour wandering around on the hunt for new spots to chill out/eat ice cream/salad/some sort of avo arrangement.

Daisy Green is my latest discovery just a few mins from my desk and I am SO happy I found it. Even though a little on the pricey side, it is fresh, delicious and a dreamy spot to hang out for an hour.

Australian based, Daisy Green is the mother of all healthy and delicious grub. It is also absolutely beautiful.


Venture downstairs and check out the lovely space / garden. It feels a little bit like you have just fallen down a rabbit hole into some sorta urban wonderland, the perfect spot for catch ups, laptop clubs, a reading sesh or just to get completely stuck into the plate of amazing food in front of ya.




On my first visit I treated myself to a cheeky plate of avocado on charcoal’ which I popped up on Instagram if you are curious (I definitely was!) Just a delicious mountain of avo on what I could describe as super soft black sourdough. SO GOOD.

This time I went for a combination of their super fresh looking salads and a matcha latte. Coz u kno, sassy city gal n all (NAT). I sat and read my book, returning to work feeling like I had actually given myself a proper break.





What a good lookin’ salad, about 28475x better than your average.



Inside is bangin’ music, all the cake (lots of GF options), energy balls and a hella good looking brunch menu brunch that is available all day long, always a great shout.



You can find Daisy Green at a few different locations, check ’em out here.

How do you spend your lunch break?


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  • It’s great to look for places like this. I personally hate spending money at Pret because, well, it’s kind of a waste. Why spend 13 pounds on lunch and snacks (1 pound for a banana is RIDICULOUS) when you can make lunch and treat yourself once or twice a week?
    Seems more delicious in my view, but I’m just super anti chains.


    • It really is, I absolutely hate it too! I dread to think how much money I’ve wasted in there over the past few years, eeeep! Exactly my thoughts, I am trying to make my lunches, failing that try and find somewhere new and delicious! It is aaall about supporting new, local businesses as well! Thank you for stopping by :) Immy x

  • Ashley Christabelle

    I love the feeling of finding a coffee shop that is so beautiful and delicious and close to where you live/work! And what a gem of a place you found. I friggin’ love the decor!!!! <3


    • I know me tooooo! I always feel so privileged lol! Such a gem isn’t it? I will be hanging out there so much I reckon, LOVE the downstairs area! Immy x

  • Athena Politou

    Omg this is absolutely stunning! My kind of cafe!


    • Me too! Such a lovely little hang out, I am in there all the time these days (I am also very poor) oops! Immy x

  • Yum, this place looks like an absolute treat! Avocado on charcoal, how weird! I love the flowers hanging from the ceiling, home inspiration?? xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

    • I know haha, I was so confused by it – thought they were trying to sell me burnt toast but it actually tasted really lovely! I know, it would be so beautiful – definitely home inspo! Immy x

  • Carolin Se

    Wow, this place looks amazing! Gorgeous pictures :)

    What about following each other?

    Caro x


    • Thank you so much Carolin :) Such a perfect place to get snaps too, love a photogenic cafe! Of course! Immy x

  • Phoebe Whittle

    Love your blog! This place looks delicious as well!
    P x

    • Ah that is so lovely Phoebe, made my day! I know it is SO good – I wish I could eat there all the time! Immy x

  • I’ll definitely need to try this place out! It looks so beautiful, I’ve never heard of them before now!

    Milli / milligrace.co.uk

    • You do indeed, you will absolutely love it! I hadn’t heard of them either, so glad I stumbled across them! Immy x