Bank Holiday Weekend, Isle of Wight

Beach Huts St. Helens

It has been bladdy YONKS since I went home to the Isle of Wight. I had forgotten how good it feels to venture back and surround yourself with comfort, nostalgia and loved ones for a few days.

As it was Bank Holiday weekend ‘n’ all, it was time for a visit. The long weekend was spent catching up with pals, family and visiting all my fave childhood spots, I lav a bit of nostalgia. It was SO nice to visit my beach hut and have breakfast in the cafe I worked every day as a nipper. Insert throwback circa 1997:

Beach Hut throw back

LOL. Cute practical sandals, gal had it goin’ ooon.

We used to spend erry day at our beach hut swimming, building sand castles, attempting to bribe our parents for Mr. Whippys, making dens and having endless BBQ’s. SUCH bliss. I wish I appreciated this time a little bit more, summer seemed to last forever back in the day, six week holidays were the one.


Our beach hut is an old railway carriage, kinda like the ones off Hazza P. My Dad painted it and COVERED it in bananas… I think he thought it looked pretty apPEELing. ;)

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My brother and I ventured out the back of the beach huts and attempted to find some of our old den spots (there was around 20 of em, we had a lot of time on our hands). Our favourite was a little tree by the road where we learnt to climb, it is pretty dead now and it made me so sad!

The Dover, St Helens

St Helens Beach, Isle of Wight

St Helens Beach, Isle of Wight

Bear LOVES the sea, swimming with dogs is amazing.

I know I say this all the bleedin’  time, but escaping London even for a few days does absolute wonders. Maybe it’s chatting for hours with my pops over tea, or seeing my gal pals or just dat laaavley sea breeze, but there’s just summin’ about a break from the city that we just need every so often.

What did you get up to  over the BH weekend?


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