Lunchtime Inspiration


It’s Sunday which means LUNCH PREP TIME in our gaff. And ALL the chores. #SundayFunday.

I haven’t been the best with meal prep over the last few months. I kept gettin’ all CBA when it came to getting mi bum into gear and prepping myself for the week ahead, then I realised that I had spent around £10,934 in Pret over the past few months so I decided enough was enough.

It does take a bit of time and effort but it is totally worth it, it is also a much healthier way to eat too. I thought I would share my top three go-to lunchtime gobbles, hope you like em’ too!

Just on a side note, we have recently started doing our weekly shop (or we try) at Lidl and we have saved SO much dollar. They have almost everything and it is all super fresh and tasty, I would definitely recommend.




Super simple, tasty and pretty damn good for ya too.

Get all your veggies, I normally use sweet potato, butternut squash, red onion, peppers, spring onion, beetroot (whatever floats ya boat). Chop them all up and chuck em in a baking tray with a few glugs of olive oil, sea salt, pepper then chuck into the oven to roast for around 45 minutes.

Cook your quinoa (add a veggie stock cube to give an extra kick of flavor) chop up some feta to sprinkle over the top. Mix your roasted veggies and quinoa together, spoon onto a bed of spinach then pop a generous handful of feta on top (which I completely forgot about, oops!)

This will make around 4 portions (vary quantities as necessary) and will keep for the week.




Or burrito Tupperwares. Sup to you.

I would eat ’em erry day if I could. When I’m werkin, I just crave something full of flavour that will get me through till dinner.

Make everything you need for your burritos, brown rice with spices, salt n pepper and coriander, red onion and peppers fried with fajita seasoning, grated mozzarella, sweetcorn and stick it in your tupperware, or make into a proper wrap (Matt bladdy loved his). I would recommend adding your avo on the day as it doesn’t keep particularly well. Ew.




This was a steal from the lovely Poppy Deyes, it tastes SO damn good and is so simple.

Grab your puy lentils from the shop, 1 pack of pommegranate seeds, feta and mint and just stir it aaall up together. It is deelish.

I am always looking for lunch inspiration, do ya having any other ideas?

Happy Sunday!


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