Lazy Weekend Breakfast


It feels bladdy good to have my weekends back.

For some odd reason I thought I would be a right cool cucumber about werkin over the weekends but nu-uuuh, it really wan’t for me.

I used to see FRI-YAY! and #TGIF! everywhere I looked, people joyfully say “have a great weekend!” as they skipped out into the sunshine, I would reply and say “thank you, you too!” with a huge grin on my face, but really I would be weeping inside. I missed lay ins, I had constant FOMO and I really missed long, lazy breakfasts in bed.

Now I am back on the TGIF wagon, I thought I would share a new b-fast fave with you. I think the world and his wife know that I am a huge AVOcate (lol) of smashed avocado on toast, with the usual topping of cracked black pepper, sea salt, a squeeze of lime and maybe a cheeky sprinkle of feta, but I thought I would switch things up.


Maybe this is reg combo for you, but I haven’t yet paired avocado with berries. The humble avo seems like a pretty independent fruit, rich and tasty enough on it’s own (what am I on about?) but I wanted to break the rules, push the boat out and give my tastes buts something to remember. Avo and stawbs. Absolute winner.


I’m guessing you could make #avoontoast with your eyes closed.

Choose your bread, slice it, toast it.

Drizzle olive oil over your bread.

Spread on your avo (with pepper, salt and lime)

Top with sliced strawberries and crumbled feta

Pour yourself and your breakfast companion mugs of tea / cwaffee and devour.

What do you think?



Any other crazy combos I need to try?


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