Happy Place


I’ve found my happy place.

The place where you gobble fresh croissants on the beach erry’ morning, guzzle sangria for lunch and bask in sunshine that lasts more than a few hours. My idea of heaven.

Naaat so much the obscenely burnt bum, but ya can’t have everything.

Happy places can be found everywhere, but I was in need of a proper get away. Ain’t it mind boggling that we are half way through 2k16 already? Its only 171 days till Christm… Nope. But still, time flies, doesn’t it?

The year started with a big f*ck it moment. In all honesty my plan didn’t work out to begin with, I was werkin’ crazy hours (12 hours, 4 days on, 4 days off) and my body freaked out, I was poorly, anxious and SO bloomin’ tired. I learnt that when you aren’t quite feeling yourself, you need to take control and change it. So I did.

We nipped away to our little Spanish abode whilst between jobs for a week of chillin’ and a mini Barcelona adventure. Waking up each day to the sound of lapping waves, blue skies and the beach each morning is something that fills me up with so much happiness.

Our daily routine was strolling up to the local panaderia to grab to fresh pastries and coffee for breakfast.


Taking a dip every so often to cool down, then get back to reading / soaking up dem rays.


My holiday book was #GirlBoss by Nasty Gal’s CEO Sophia Amoruso. It is an absolute corker and definitely deserves its own blog post.

Eventually we would hot foot it over to the local cafe for lunch, sinking a jug of sangria and our body weight in calamari, fresh bread and aioli. UH so so good.



This Boden Tunic (now on sale) was my go to cover up for midday heat, so comfortable, cool and breezaaay.

As well as eating out, we are still trying to save pennies. Most days we would rustle up our own Bocadillos, a bag of fresh cherries and have picnics by the sea. SO perfect.


When the sun started to set we would be the only ones left on the beach, drinking our cava as the sun dipped below the horizon.


Just what I needed!

Where’s your happy place?


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