Adventures in Barcelona


Barcelona has always been at the top of my list of places to explore.

There are a hella lot of places I would like to go some day, but BCN I knew I would just fall madly love with, like so many others.

Matt’s fam have an apartment in a small town on the south coast of Spain that we have been nipping over to a fair bit over the past year. We thought as we are in the area / country for a week, we would go on a mini adventure.

We rolled out of bed at 5am, hopped in a taxi and headed for the station. We made it onto our train and settled into our 5 hour journey with pastries and coffee (the only way), watching daylight fade in as we hurtled up the coast.

At about midday we pulled into Barcelona, rather than getting the metro or a taxi, we strolled through the suburbs to the centre of town.


I didn’t realise how stunning the architecture of Barcelona was, each street has so much character and history. Yup, I have turned into my pops, but it’s true. We ended up in Las Ramblas, the main strip of the city. Word on the street is that ya need to watch your bag around here, we had no problems at all but a lot of people have said pickpockets were errywhere, so just keep an eye out!


Our first stop was La Boqueria. We heard the best things about this market, and we were pretty ravenous so we dived in.

SO much goodness under one roof, it reminded me of a Spanish Borough Market. Stalls overflowed with oodles of fresh fruit, ice cream, pizza, cured meat, fish, we could have stayed for hours trying a lil bit of everything.


It is usually jam packed with a mix of locals picking up fresh grub for the week, hungry tourists (us) and everything in between. It would be a wonderful place for a date…



I’m not quite sure what the mystery fruit below is… Are they ‘strasberries‘?


These fruit smoothies are everywhere, super cheap at 2 euros and just what we needed after the midday heat. NOM.


Uuuh there is just something so dreamy about Spanish ice cream. Just look at those mountains of joy…


There was a lot of food envy goin’ round, Matt caved for a sexy lookin’ calzone.


I went for a few different nibbles, calamari, salami and many other little bits and bobs.


After gobbling all we could, we promised each other we would return for lunch tomorrow and ventured back out into the sunshine to find our Airbnb.


Taking aaaall the snaps along the way, everything is just so bladdy beaut!




Our lovely host Lucia met us at the apartment, which was INCREDS. The ultimate Pinterest pad, I fell in love as soon as I saw the advert. She told us where to go for the England game (uuuh) and where to get the best tapas (more like it).




Super girly dress from Primark

We dumped our bags in the bedroom and made our way to the nearest pub. After taking some snaps, obvs. Teehee.

I would usually have a grumble about watching footay on hols, but Matt was pretty desperate to watch the game and y’know what, I don’t mind. I got lairy with the ladz and shouted ‘WREEEEY C’MON LADZ’ maybe a bit too much. England won, everyone went mad.


It was SO much fun. Despite beer being chucked all over the shop and all in mi hur, I had a right lol. We wen’t back to our abode to freshen up and head out for the night.


The beauty of Airbnb is making new pals with people from all over, sharing experiences and drinking cheap cava together.

We met a lovely lass from the US who joined on our ventures.


It was bliss. We went to roof top bars, had dinner, then had a pretty wild night out.

We arrived home as it was just starting to get light. Snoozed for a few hours and woke up to another blue skied morning for our segway tour, the best way to see a city in a short amount of time and look like a baller whilst doing it.

I wish we had more time in the apartment, we will definitely choose the same place next time we visit. Do check out Lucia and Florencia‘s place if you are planning a trip to Barca, it is lovely.


Spanish style hangover cure.


Our segway tour was a barrel of laughs. Breezing our way through the city definitely blew away the cobwebs, and we saw almost everything within the two hours.

IMG_7786 IMG_7787

We did get told off a few times for trying to speed, it’s all fun and games till someone topples off!


The parks in Barcelona and something else. Parc de la Ciutadella is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, it is the biggest green space in Barca and there are beautiful surprises round each corner – like this one!


The most glam place for a game of fetch.


I could have basked in the sunshine all day.


The last thing on our list before our train home was a trip to Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s temple.




I have always been amazed by the pictures, it really is super impressive. It is around £20 quid each to have a look about but it is worth it.



Such a tranquil, serene feeling when you step inside (if you ignore all the construction work!) There is still lots to be done before it is complete, we will pop over in 10 years time to see the finished look.


Our 24 hours slipped by so quickly, but it was one of our best adventures yet.

Barcelona you have stolen my heart, I will be back very soon.


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  • I went to Barcelona for the second time 2 weeks ago and I swear there was so much still to see even though I’d been before! I’d love to go on a Segway tour! We had 4 full days there this time so pretty much walked everywhere which was great because everywhere seems to be beautiful, but I also went on one of the bus tours when I was there for only 2 days last year and that was fun! We even had a day on the beach, although it’s so touristy I’d much prefer a more peaceful sea!

    Imogen //

    • Ah SO jel, I reckon there is so many nooks and crannies I am yet to discover, it is one of those cities that has new gems every time you visit. I would definitely recommend the segway tour, it was hilarious and also pretty interesting! I love walking through cities like Barcelona, with all those small little side streets, I could happily get lost for days haha! We didn’t spend any time on the beach, I see what you mean though, it did look super busy! Immy x

  • Kate

    I’ve wanted to visit Barcelona for years! Fab photos and I love your dress – so girly and pretty. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Oooh you have to go Kate! You will absolutely love it. Thank you, cheeky Primarni number >:) Immy x

  • Eleanor Pritchard

    This post makes me so excited as I’m going to Barcelona at the end of this month! The La boqueira looks so nice and I’ve added it to places I want to go when I’m there, these photos are gorgeous by the way! xx

    • So so excited for you Eleanor! You are going to have the best time, go with the flow and explore all the little side streets and tapas bars – the more hidden the better! La Boqueira may be my favourite bit! Thank you so much :) Immy x

  • Hayley Rubery

    LOVEEEEEE this post so much! I went to Barcelona a few weeks back and absolutely loved it! I already can’t wait to return – it’s such a beautiful city filled with so much charm and character!

    Hayley xo

    • Thank you Hayley :) Ah man it is the best place isn’t it!? I will definitely go for longer next time! Immy x

  • These photos are insane- they really do Barca justice! I’ve recently got back from a short break there myself, looking at your pictures, I’m pretty gutted I didn’t have chance to visit Parc de la Ciutadella.

    • Ah thank you Paige, that is so lovely – I didn’t think they did, it is just too beautiful to capture! I hope you had the best time! Not gonna lie, we were pretty hungover when doing our sightseeing, I don’t think we made the most of it haha! Immy x

  • The Sunday Mode

    Loved looking at your photos and loved Barcelona. I went there 2 years ago and thought it was so beautiful and thought that the people were really friendly there. I thought that market was one of the best markets I had been too, your photos of the food had me salivating!;

  • Juan Pablo

    Woooow….you know BCN much better than me, jejejeje, and I admit it´s a beautiful city. One of the things I miss a lot is to come back very late at home (5:00-7:00 am). I really want to cook and take photos as well as you, teach me, por favorrrrrr!!!! :( Your blog impress me, it´s cool. ;) Buenas noches!