Weekend Away, Cornwall


Weekends away with chums are the best.

Stumbling across a bargain somewhere laaavely, loading the car with the most obscene of food shops (heeeello £200 worth of Pimm’s, Procescco, ice cream and BBQ grub), heading out of the city and into the country with the choons (Spotify’s Feel Good Friday) cranked up is my fave.

This BH weekend myself, Matt and our two pals escaped to the west county to stay with Forest Holidays and have a jolly ole time.

As much as I love jetting off to warmer climes to unwind, escaping to the English countryside does wonders. We hurtled through winding country lanes that eventually opened up to this gem.


Bloody lush isn’t it? A handful of oak cabins over looking the lake filled with hungry (and loud) ducks, with trees home to all sorts of birds that are pretty unafraid to chill with ya on your balcony whilst you eat breakfast. Oh and May bugs, the absolute critters.

The cabin was super spacious, light with a mezzanine level leading down to the main living space, kitchen and bedrooms, OH and a balcony with a hot tub. Hella yeyeah.




The Pimm’s was cracked open within seconds. Our evening was spent basking in the sunshine, BBQ’in, hot tubbin’, and being (extremely) merry.

We awoke on Saturday keen to explore After gobbling our fill of smashed avo on toast, eggs and coffee we clambered back into the car and set off for Looe. I have always had a soft spot for quaint seaside towns, they remind me of being a nipper and spending the summers begging for Mr. Whippy’s on the beach, crabbing and listening to the boats bobbing in the harbor, my happy place.

It helps when the hazy blue sky matches the pastel washed houses nestled in valley, why doesn’t south London look like this?


Dreamy (until this evil bugger nabs your chips)


The town is sweet, just a small network paths of narrow cobbled lanes full of pasty shops, ice cream, souvenirs and rather dubious characters.




We traipsed thought the lanes, bought a bag of scones for afternoon tea and warm pasties (when in Cornwall n that) then found ourselves a little sun trap on the harbor.


One bottle of Prosecco down, we made our way back to Deer Park to fire up the barbie and jump in the tub.

I haven’t been eating meat for a little while which can be hard on weekends like this (ALL the BBQ’s and bacon sarnies for breaky) but I have been absolutely loving Linda McCartney’s veggie burger range, really good value and pretty damn yummy as well.


We got involved with a quiz (guzzling our magnum left over from Christmas in the hot tub, ballers) we were pretty rowdy BUT we came 3rd and won chocolate owls so that was excellent news.

Sunday morning was g l o r i o u s, perfect weather for an adventure. When in the country, I love a walk. Not just a stroll but a proper trek, ideally to the nearest pub.


With this dream boat of a chap. We got ourselves a map and gave our orienteering skills a whirl.


Ya can’t go over it, ya can’t go under it, OH NO ya have to go through iiiit! (used to love that book, lol)


The most idyllic country houses adorned in Wisteria, ALL the future house goals.


There is nothing much more beautiful that a country lane between bluebell fields soaked in dappled light.


We spotted deer, cows, sheep (all V exciting for us London folk) and eventually reached the pub. The walk back was significantly quicker (or at least it seemed) and we finished the weekend with yet another barbie and a night of games.


All in all we had a beautiful, refreshing weekend in the best company, just what I needed!

If you fancy a chilled getaway with your chums / fam I would definitely recommend Forest Holidays, such lovely locations up and down the country that won’t burn a hole in your pocket if you fancy taking a little break from it all.

What did you get up to this BH weekend?


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