Park Life


If ya haven’t heard, we’ve had a pretty warm week here in the UK.

As soon as the sun shines, the sky is blue and we don’t need to stick on our winter coats to leave the house, people in England get VERY excited.

Any glimpse of summer and the legs are out, t-shirts are off (white van men I’m lookin’ at chu), lunch hours are spent away from the desk and it is time for long, lazy picnics in the park. My fave.


There’s noting better than scooping up a blanket (or in my case, this groovy H&M table cloth), a speaker, yummy treats and strolling down to the nearest green spot with a gal pal for some much needed R&R, catch ups and chuckles.


Oh, AND Pimm’s. I’m so keen for summer it hurts.

When Summer comes around, it is aaall about the little things. The simplicity of eating breaky outside, sitting on the doorstep with a cheeky ice cream catching the final drops of the evening sun and exploring the city in all its beauty.

There is something so refreshing about London at this time of year. The cold Londoner exterior melts away and life kicks back into full swing, ain’t it mad what a bit of warmth and light can do to a place?

Chillin’ on the South Bank as the sun sets with a bottle of wine on a Friday night replaces the standard Netflix binge and puzza. It is far too easy to get wrapped up in your erryday routine and forget the bloody wonderful world outside.



We spent hours frolicking in the sunshine drinking up aaall the vit D (and getting burnt lol), grooving to early 00’s R&B (always the one) and taking a few snaps for the ole blog.


I’m pretty sure I’ve introduced you to Fifi before. She is one of the most intelligent, talented, kind hearted and bloody hilarious gals who has been by my side since we were hyper, trouble making nippers. You have gotta check out her blog, she gives me aaaall the fashion inspso, health and general lyf tips.


I hope you are currently out basking in the sunshine / sat in a beer garden / having your first BBQ of the year. Make the most of it, it will probs be snowing next week! Oh England, I luv u.


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