Caudalie Vinosource


In all honesty I never thought I’d write a beauty post.

I am one of those gals who pretty much used face wipes since year 8 days (scrubbing off all that jet black khol and green Barry M dazzle dust was tough) and rarely dipped my toes into the beauty world, unless I was stealing my mummas fancy goods (soz mum).

Recently, after realising that I am a proper adult now and should probably take a little more care of myself, I have become more curious about how I can look after my skin and make it the best it can be, for now and years to come.


Last month I was invited to the launch of the new Caudalie range, Vinosource. The pink hued cocktail fueled event introduced us to the range, chatting about the new vital ingredient, grapes.

We tried each product in turn and came away with extraordinarily soft hands and a the Vinosource range to try out. I selected my fave from the evening, the moisturising sorbet and gave it a whirl. Each morning I smoothed it into my face and neck, leaving it to sink in before applying ma daily face.


This little pale pink tube of goodness is a gel moisturiser that calms, soothes and gives your sink the big ole glass of water it needs. My fave part is that the cream apparently reduces redness by 77%. I have always had such a mare with my skin, it is patchy and my complexion is pretty rubbish. Every time I remove my make up my skin looks damn angry, especially on mi nose (like Rudolph, naaaat great).


I didn’t want to post about any product until it had been tried, tested and I could see changes to my skin. Amazingly I did. I don’t tend to have much belief in beauty products, I never think they will actually work but I really have seen a difference.

Over the weeks, I have felt fresh faced, my skin is nice n radiant and my complexion is more balanced. Before checking this stuff out, I thought my patchy skin was permanent and foundation would be the answer for the rest of mi life. Sounds odd, but seeing small changes like this can be so freeing and really does boost your confidence in the best I woke up like diiiis’ kinda way.

What a GRAPE product! Couldn’t resist.


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