Borough 22


Doughnut underestimate the euphoria that sweet rings of doughy beauty can bring to your life.

A childhood classic, sprinkled with a heavy layer of fine sugar that coats your lips and fingers, giving you aaall the fun n games trying your hardest not to lick dem lips whilst gobbling the most sugary lookin’ one in the bag.

Sadly they can also give you a helluva lot of grief. The woes of tummy aches is not worth those mouthfuls of joy and it has ruined ma doughnut dreams for years. The mission was set to either create my own GF versions or find someone out there who does, and does it well.

I was on the hunt to find the perfect, fluffy and darn right tasty free from doughnut. After hours of research on the interwebz I came across Borough 22.


Possibly the best culinary discovery I have ever made. Excited, curious and pretty much drooling, I dropped Ryan (the mastermind behind the doughnuts) an email.

The next day headed over to Plumstead Pantry in Woolwich which FYI is laavely, and also sells Borough 22 beauties. Ryan popped in with my order of 6 amazing lookin’ doughnuts and we had a chinwag about everything doughnut, GF, new biz and hard graft.


Borough 22 came about in 2014 when Ryan had enough of shoddy cardboard baked goods. He wanted to create treats his wife and children could enjoy sans gluten and dairy. It was going to be tough, but he did it.

The Borough 22 doughnut was born vegan, dairy and gluten free. I know, magic. Just LOOK at em.


I felt so inspired by our chinwag. Ryan works full time but still manages to take Borough 22 from strength to strength, even if it does mean waking up at silly o’clock to make a batch almost everyday. So if you have an idea you think could really fly, put in the hard graft and make it happen. YOLO and all that.

Now, I bet you’re wondering how they taste. Trust me, it took ALL my will power not to gobble them all on the tube home, but it was well worth the wait. My gluten intolerant bro came over to join the doughnut party. We poured mugs of tea and tucked into what might be the best doughnuts we have EVER tasted.


Beautifully light, soft with all the flavour you would get in a regular D’nut. Infact, they taste much better.

Not gonna lie, we got through them all in one sitting. They were just so. Good.

In our box was the salted caramel, simple sugared, vanilla glazed, raspberry pistachio, cinnamon and nutella. It was difficult to choose a favourite as they are all dreamy, but I’d go for the nutella (for obvious reasons) and Oscar thought the cinnamon one was bangin.



If you fancy your own box, or want to suprise a GF, Dairy free, Vegan friend in the best way, you can order a box of 6 big or 22 mini babies here. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, check out the Plumstead Pantry, Woolwich or Good Food, Catford.

They are next day delivery, so perfect if you fancy an impromptu girly get together or just need a doughnut fix – it is perfect.

Borough 22 are actually up for a Free From Food Awards tonight, so head over to their Instagram and give em’ some support!



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