Blimey. 23.

How does the time pass so quickly, how is it 10 years since I started high school and how is it 12 whole years since Mean Girls came out? The mind boggles.

Over the years I have learnt a couple of tings. Mostly that time passes by SO QUICKLY. It feels like yesterday I was drinking wine in Bruges with my Mum celebrating my 22nd, now I’m sat ere’ drinking wine in Spain with Matt a whole 365 days later. Age is a funny old thing, pretty much erryone thinks that age defines us but it is just a number. We will always feel 18 at heart, we just gather experience as we go.


Too many people (myself included) can’t help but measure success on age, putting themselves or other people down if they haven’t ticked off certain achievements by a particular number. Don’t fancy going to uni? It ain’t for everyone. Want to drop everything and travel the world? It will most likely be the best decision you ever made. Take your time and fully indulge into what makes you happy in this moment, everything will fall in to place, trust me.

As the years slip by you learn that each and every day is so precious. Those simple pleasures, the slow Sunday mornings drinking fresh coffee in bed, the damn good food and wine with friends, the feeling of dipping your shoulders beneath cool water when you are bladdy roasting. All these little moments form memories and smiles for years to come.


I have also learnt over the years to feel comfortable in my own skin (or at least try my best). These years are so defining and the things people say to you sticks around in your mind for a long ole time. The craziest thing is looking back of pictures just a few years ago and wondering why I felt so self conscious. We deserve to love our body and mind a little bit more.

On that note, I’m off to swim in my sassy new Boden birthday suit, eat my weight in tapas and drink up aaaall the sangria.


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