Top Tips: Bossin’ Independence


I fancied having a chinwag about a few tings in this post, I guess it all comes under the subject of independence. I’m aaall about biggin’ up #GirlBoss ladies / anyone taking their ambition to the next level. I also think it is super important to give yourself enough TLC to make sure you are always building your inner strength and drive. 

I’ve been working from home a lot recently. Obvs the dream is to create a cute little Pinterest inspired haven full of freshly cut flowers and Kikki.K bits ‘n’ pieces, but for now my office is my kitchen table / bed / sofa.  From working in a big team and all that usual office bant, it can be pretty hard to keep your motivation topped up and remain inspired when you are on ya tod.

Over the past few weeks I have tried to make the most of my time, seeking advice from other freelance folks  on what can be a bit of a confusing transition, so here are a few tips.

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Chillin’ in bed for a few more hours is SO tempting and you do need it sometimes, but when you have sh*t to do and empires to build – gal ain’t got time to dive back under those covers and snooze for just a few more minutes (pfft)

Early starts drive success, especially if you are working full time. Giving yourself that extra hour can make the world of difference. I try to get up, wash ma face, make a cuppa T and do a few emails first thing before heading out for a run / gym sesh then I get dressed. Mum always told me off for staying in my PJs all day but she’s right, you will feel much more productive if  you are up, dressed and can head out the door for a last min meeting at any time. (I do wear a dressing gown over the top tho).



If you have cut out your daily commute or are just getting up earlier, try to dedicate some time just for you. Trussst me dallin’, 30 minutes will make you feel miles better and much more productive for the rest of the day.

Even if it is just on your bedroom floor, create a light work out routine or go for a walk to kickstart your mind before or after your breaky. Matt gets up before his 8:30AM start and heads to the gym for a work out, setting him up for the day, getting those endorphins pumping (with the knowledge that he can head home later and stick his feet up). I have got into the habit of heading to the gym for a yoga or pilates session, not only does it help strengthen mi bod, but it gives me that hour just to refocus and get my thoughts in check.



It is all about the fuel you pop in your body. Digging into the treat cupboard when you are feeling uninspired is veerryy tempting and sometimes that spoon of Nutella (or 5) can be too hard to resist, but keeping healthy is the key to reaching your full potential.

Balance is essential, especially when choosing what to eat. Chocolate is great when balanced with good grub, so is cake… Blimey, where would we be without it?!



When working in an office, every detail is diarised. Organisation is super important in order to progress, I even used to schedule who I needed to email at what time (sometimes months in advance!) Sit down at the start of the week and map out what you really need to get cracked.

I make a hefty to do list then prioritise and create a plan. I use google calendars which is pretty good and also is in sync with my phone to give me an extra nudge, I need it!



I seem to get my energy from other people. We may not be chatting or even working together, but just having people around makes me much more productive for some odd reason.

When everyone is out at work, take a stroll and discover your local area to find a few places that you can settle down with your laptop and just type, read, or just meet a pal for coffee, cake and a catch up. My favourite is MUD. Ooft.



I feel much happier and more content when I have a few dates in the diary. Knowing that you are off out to meet a friend ya haven’t seen for ages, planning a little stay-cation or trip to Brighton for the day – the little things y’know.

When working solo, these plans boost your mood and give you that motivation to get your to-d0 list ticked off so you can let ya hurrr down and guzzle dem cocktails.



When you aren’t working the reg office hours it difficult to define your working day. At the start of the week when you have a basic idea of your plans, make a timetable and try and stick to it.

Give yourself breaks, a lunch hour and a finishing time. When the time strikes, shut down your laptop, leave your phone in another room and spend time with your loved ones, cook dinner and have a Netflix binge (with no sneaky Instagramming!) okok, maybe just a liiittle bit.



Keep your inspiration alive, visualise your goal each day and pour all your efforts into it. I assure you it pays off. My friend created a board full of everything she wanted to achieve, it may seem weird, but it is worth it – just reenforcing those positive vibes brings you closer to your ultimate goal – no matter what it is. Energy flows where attention goes yo’.

Do you have any tips or advice for keeping motivated and inspired? I would love to hear ’em!

Shout out to Oscar May for the wonderful snaps, cheers bro.


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