Spring Adventures


We have reached that beaut time of year where the seasons are beginning to change. The dark, cold depths of Winter are finally melting away as Spring erupts into flurries of blossoms, Magnolia trees (my fav) and a whole bunch of Daffodils. Most days the sky is washed in beautiful shades of blue, drenching us in crisp sunshine we thought we had forgotten. It is bloomin’ lovely!

All I fancy doing when Spring rocks up is heading (skipping) outside and lapping the sunshine whilst still keeping nice ‘n toasty in aaaall the layers. As I missed Mother’s Day, I nipped over to see the beautiful lass and have a very overdue catch up whilst lapping up the weather and strolling in the park.


We squelched (excellent word) though the muddy fields in our wellies, does anyone else still LOVE wearing wellies just because it means you have aaaall the freedom to run riot the mud with not a care in the world about your shoes? We mooched for a few hours, trying our best not to let Bear leap in the lake (massive fail ) and catch the pigeons (she ain’t got a chance). We found a sunny spot to guzzle lattes and soak up the sun.



Bladdy lavely. Now for slightly over-toasted hot cross buns with lashings of butter and tea. Oooft.


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