Beyond Bread, Fitzrovia

Beyond Bread London

I have been planning to tell you about this gluten free gem for a while now. If you are (or know someone who is) coeliac or gluten intolerant, you are going to be all over this place… Are you bready? Hehe. 

Beyond Bread is the relatively new kid on the block over in Fitzrovia and has been welcomed with open arms (and mouths) by both GFs and non-GF alike. Erryone knows that a fresh, hearty and damn right tasty loaf of gluten free bread is pretty hard to come by. GF grub unfortunately has a reputation for being a pretty crumbly affair, which to be honest, it usually is.

The lovely team at Beyond Bread have risen to the challenge by bringing together a bunch of culinary wizards that have whipped up a whole range of carefully considered bakes including the softest breads, perfectly formed pastry and oodles of baguettes and cakes. There are no cheats or cop outs, trust me – the recipes take months to form and are not available to gobble until they are just right.


Last week I popped in to have a chinwag with the founder Elena. Whilst guzzling deliciously rich, silky lattes we discussed all things GF and the bright future for Beyond Bread, with a new store popping up very soon (and more fingers crossed) it looks like every Londoner will have this cave of wonders on their doorstep very soon.


Just look at those perfectly golden risen loafs, I took a loaf of seeded bread home and it has been so beautifully springy, moist and the perfect absorbent of salty butter and honey in the mornings. So. Good.


As well as bread, cakes are also on offer (including dairy and nut free)




But most importantly LOOK at these cheesy bad boys. Most sandwiches are toasted for the ultimate cheesy comfort effect for breezy lunchtimes (apparently the queue stretches far out the door most lunchtimes so get in there early!)


I went for the BB signature toasted banana bread, warm, amazingly soft with just the right amount of icing sugar settled on top.


Followed by chocolate cake, naturally.


Beyond Bread is the perfect spot to dive in for a few hours to catch up with the ladies, or just snuggle up with your laptop and get down to some work with regular snack and coffee intervals.




After a latte talking (hohoho) I felt completely refreshed by Elena’s approach, aiming for perfection and always leaving room to invent bigger and better creations. Sounds crazy but places like these actually change lives, no one should ever be deprived from freshly baked bread and oozing toasties.


This coeliac / gluten free cave of wonders is found nestled in Charlotte Place (no.2).

Go and check it out next time you are peckish and knocking around central London, you will love it.



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