Avo, Egg and Bacon Brunch Bundles


Brunch is a big part of my life, and most probably yours too. We just bladdy love it don’t we? 

Avocado on errything, #YolkPorn all over our Instagram, the sweet, sweet smells of sizzling bacon and freshly brewed coffee on a Sunday morning, which may just be some of my favourite smells of ALL TIME. (Note: if anyone knows of any candles that smell like either bacon or coffee please do let me know).

Whilst scrolling Facebook as ya do, I spotted something extraordinary, something of pure beauty. I needed to know HOW this was done and when I was going to share this culinary genius with you. That time is now.

Just another preview before we get started…



Yup. A freshly poached egg inside an avocado, INSIDE bacon. Died and gone to heaven? Me too.

I’ll be honest, this will take a few more times to perfect. I reckon there needs to be more seasoning at each stage and a few lashings of hot sauce, but the initial idea is there.

Wanna give it ago? You’ll need the following for one bundle, multiply as needed!

1 fresh, free range egg

1 ripe avocado

1 pack of bacon

flaked sea salt


Chilli flakes

Hot sauce

Bevs of choice


This can be quite a tricky process, so set up your production line so it all goes nice and smoothly.

Start by poaching your egg. I have always struggled with the perfect poach but I think I’ve nailed it (with help from Matt) here’s how ya do it;

You will need smallish pan with freshly boiled water, apparently the key is fresh eggs so make sure you have a fresh pack at the ready. Crack one egg into a shallow mug (we use a little teacup), gently tip the egg into the rolling boil and leave it to poach for around two minutes, none of that whirlpool business!

Slice your avocado in half, peel, and carve a little so your poached egg will fit in nice and snug.

Drain your egg and pop into the avocado, season with whatever you fancy then pop the other avocado half on top.

Now for the bacon wrap. Make sure you wrap the bacon around tightly as it tends to loosen and fall off when fried! But we can fry our best to make sure this doesn’t happen, right?

Once all wrapped up, heat a frying pan with a smidge of oil and arm yourself with two utensils for even frying. Your finished product should look a little like this…


Just look at that parcel of joy.

Grab a knife and gently slice open to reveal the magic inside.


Ghaaaad damn. Toast a stack of buttery sourdough to mop it all up with, make some fresh coffees and dig in. Ooooft.


If you decide to make this creation (perhaps a good shout for Easter Sunday brunch?) make sure you send me a snap on Twitter or Instagram before you get stuck in!


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