Big Decisions

Immy May

The best advice I’ve ever received is to never stick around in something that doesn’t make you completely happy. 

This applies to everything. Life is far too short to sink too deep into situations that don’t fulfil your passions, inspire you and boost your confidence in more ways than you could imagine.

It can be so easy to tumble head first into that relentless full time lifestyle, living for the weekend and watching what was once your absolute passion gradually fade. I felt that I had almost lost my spark, my hunger to jump out of bed on a grey day and do everything I could to get closer to my ambition.

After many long conversations over the holidays, the decision was made.

I live for those moments of madness, that one click booking a flight to the other side of the world, that one conversation that takes you weeks to muster the confidence to initiate, that one light bulb moment in the middle of the night that changes everything. Change is what keeps us alive, fresh and open to all those adventures waiting to be had.

I know so many people think about it every day. I have drained many mugs of tea with friends discussing just that. Contemplating making huge decisions, taking risks and chasing dreams, visualising the future and realising that the only person stopping you is you.

We are only 46 days into 2016 and I feel that already a new path has been paved. All you need to do is take a small step back, gain perspective and refine what it is you really want. Then go for it. Even if it is the smallest move in the right direction, you have to start somewhere.

This is really just a reminder that you can do it. There are so many people around you that will support you and be there when you need advice and a slab of cake.

I am always here too, so hola at me if you want to have a chinwag.

Go get em’ Ix

Make it happen