Looking back on 2015

Immy May British Lifestyle blogger

Don’t ya feel like as you get older, the years seem to slip past SO much quicker that before? A year used to feel like a lifetime and now seems to be over in a flash. Writing about my 2015 resolutions feels like yesterday, now here we are in 2016. Hello, where the bloomin ek did you come from?!

There is something so positive and hopeful about a new year. Revitalising yourself, focussing your goals and realising that you have a whole 365 new days to achieve your what you really want, soak up each day and create memories with old and new loved ones.

One of my favourite things about starting a brand new year is buying a brand spanking new diary. The wonderful Rosie introduced me to Kikki.K a lovely little store that has pitched up in Covent Garden selling a whole bunch of Scandi designed stationary, journals and homeware. Each piece is inspiring for different reasons, whether you need to focus more on the positives or fine tune your goals – there are some absolute gems that you can keep on your bedside table and snuggle down with when you are in need of motivation.

kikki.K Goals Journal

I have been S U P E R slack with my slice of the internet recently, I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. 2015 was a year of firsts, of learning and growing, but I felt like I was swept into the rush of the relentless London lifestyle and rarely came up for air. This year is going to be all about taking risks, breaking away from ruts and welcoming new opportunities with open arms, who knows where it may take you?

Here’s to a very memorable 2015 and a sweet’16, let’s make it a corker.




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