New Beginnings


Life has a funny was of slipping past at a pretty alarming rate. It feels like yesterday I was strolling into 6th form feelin’ all mature n sassy. That was 6 years ago now, SIX BLOOMIN’ YEARS.

I still can’t quite believe I am an adult, all graduated with a ‘proper job‘ job and errything. Last week this whole adult thing reached a new level, the boyfriend and I moved in to our first flat together. Say whaaaaat!


It gets to the point when living out of canvas bags full of bed socks, dry shampoo and cheap make-up becomes a serious pain in the bum. You end up heading to work in the same clothes, always being without a phone charger and wearing ya boyfs boxers, which FYI are SO comfortable.

Although I was a teeeny bit scared about the thought of ‘settling down‘, when opportunities like this pop up, you have to just go for it even if it does seem a bit mad. Sometimes things just suddenly fall in to place and completely make sense.

We now get overly excited about snazzy coffee machines and cutlery and I have been spending perhaps too much dollar on random Anthropologie gems. I might need to eat beans on toast for the next few months, but I am so excited for the next chapter.

I’m aware that there will probably be boxers left on the bathroom floor, Match of the Day on a Sunday night ‘REFF, REFF.. COME ON BOOOOYYYYS’ but then again, I will most likely cover the bedroom with fairy lights, throws with pumpkin souflee scented candles, so there we go.

It is so lovely to have the space to be creative, bake with the music turned up, have dinner parties, invite the ladies round for a cuppa T and being able to make a home with someone.

More interior bits and bobs to come…



Diptique candle

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