Sunday Strolls in Richmond Park

Richmond Park

Waking up late on Sunday morning, guzzling tea and chatting in the comfort of the covers for hours on end is one of life’s sweet, simple pleasures. 

Eventually we climbed out of bed, poached some eggs and headed out into the sunshine to bask beneath the crisp, blue Autumnal skies. Richmond Park is one of my favourite corners of London. It is beautiful and peaceful all year round, full of strollers, cyclists and nature.

It is my favourite in the Autumn. The leaves flutter off the trees creating a glorious, crisp blanket of burnt orange, IDEAL for galavanting through, if you like that kinda thing. It you are a fan of Autumn, this is the perfect place just to bask in the beauty of it all.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is without a doubt the biggest open space in London, it feels as if you have been swept off to the middle of the country with not a sky scraper or black cab in sight.

Richmond Park

Perhaps one of my main reasons to visit  is to go Deer spotting.

Camera slung round ma neck, me and Matt set off on our adventures to find these beautiful creatures…

Richmond Park

After not too long we heard some rustling and antlers…




Just as we thought we had seen all there was, more and more emerged, flocks of females swept across stirring the males (its mating season eeeeey) and there was crazy sounds gwarnin all around us – maybe I’m silly but I didn’t understand quite how much noise deers made. Listen here.





Our tummies started to rumble, so we made our way back to the wagon and headed home (with a pitstop to gather roast bits on the way). The perfect Sunday?


I think so.


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